Review by: Greg Walkowiak
Photograpger: Greg Walkowiak
More show photos: HERE
Mike Muir – Vocals
Eric Moore – Drums
Dean Pleasants – Guitars
Tim Williams – Bassguitars
Nico Santora – Guitars
The four day event hosted at the Palladium in Worcester Massachusetts known as NEHMF (New England Hardcore Metal Festival) featured many great and upcoming artists along with many seasoned veterans. Capping off the last day could not have been a better fit for the festival. Suicidal Tendencies was chosen to complete the finale.
What a fitting way to conclude the festivities. The band has made major headway in their rise to notoriety since the bands inception circa 1981. With their latest release “13”, which by the way took 13 years and it’s their 9th studio album, it seems there is no stopping them. Their evolution and their crossing over into the thrash metal genre has been a long and interesting ride for them with a little bit of controversy thrown in the mix.
They hit the stage with fury and kept right on going until the last song. Their uncanny knack to command the stage and their fans goes unmatched. The intense ferocity that they generate spews out into the crowd and is instantly received. The fans rapidly create a mosh pit and start crowd surfing in response to their hard hitting sound.
The band fused their set with some old material and new to make for an interesting concoction which was consumed by the masses. From their first release to this recent one they played to appease the fans. Smash it, Slam City and Who’s Afraid were just a few that came off the new CD and grabbed the attention of the fans, without of course slighting an explosive drum solo or other classic hits.
After the show concluded I was walking back to my car and I was trying to contemplate what was just witnessed. I thought to myself, these guys have been around for over 30 years. In this business that’s pretty impressive and it is a testament to the sustainability of a band that keeps gaining momentum and kills it every time they record and or create new material. Suicidal Tendencies encompasses what it takes to stay strong in this industry and keeps delivering a punch that makes for a mouthwatering metal feast.


 Set List

1. You Can’t Bring Me Down

2. Institutionalized

3. Smash It!

4. Subliminal

5. War Inside My Head

6. Send Me Your Money

7. Possessed to Skate

8. Cyco Vision

9. Slam City

10. I Saw Your Mommy

11. Who’s Afraid?

12. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

13. Drum Solo

14. Pledge Your Allegiance