The Winery Dogs at the Tupelo Music Hall – Derry, NH

Photos and Review by Ilya Mirman

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The Winery Dogs delivered an electrifying performance at the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, NH, showcasing the supergroup’s immense musicianship, incredible stage presence, and undeniable chemistry. Each member of the band brought their A-game, contributing to a truly unforgettable concert experience.

Richie Kotzen was stellar on guitar and vocals, dazzling the audience with his technical proficiency, soulful singing, and charming stage presence. He effortlessly shredded through complex solos on tracks like “Captain Love” and “I’m No Angel,” and his bluesy, emotive singing gave the crowd goosebumps. Kotzen’s energy was infectious, and he engaged the audience throughout the night, encouraging them to sing along and dance.

Billy Sheehan was a powerhouse on bass, providing a thunderous low end that anchored the band’s sound. His fingers moved at lightning speed on tracks like “Elevate” and “Hot Streak,” and his grooving basslines on “The Other Side” were irresistible. Sheehan’s stage presence was commanding, and he interacted with the audience with a big grin on his face.

Mike Portnoy was a force to be reckoned with on drums, driving the band’s rhythms with his incredible precision and flair. He displayed impressive technical prowess on tracks like “Time Machine” and “Xanadu,” and his dynamic drumming on “Breakthrough” and “Oblivion” was awe-inspiring. Portnoy’s boundless energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and he kept the audience on their feet with his constant interaction and showmanship.

Together, the Winery Dogs were a force of nature, playing with a tightness and cohesion that only comes from years of playing together. Their chemistry was palpable, with plenty of playful banter and onstage antics between the three members. They clearly have a deep respect and admiration for each other, which translated into a powerful, cohesive performance.

Highlights of the night included the powerful opening track “Gaslight,” and the epic “Desire.” The audience was fully engaged from start to finish, singing along, dancing, and cheering for more.

Overall, the Winery Dogs delivered a masterful performance at Tupelo Hall, showcasing each member’s incredible talent and their undeniable chemistry as a band, leaving the audience absolutely thrilled and hungry for more.