Yet One More Unforgettable Evening with Collective Soul at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Photos and Review by Micah Gummel


The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has played host to a number of musical greats over the years, and this week was no exception as it welcomed Collective Soul onto its stage for a night of throwback classics and fresh new tunes.

This was the bands kick off show for this Tour the band, which shot to prominence in the 90s, brought their southern-grit-meets-alt-rock sound to a packed house, proving that their decades in the industry have only honed their knack for delivering exhilarating live performances.

The evening kicked off with “Shine,” their hit single that has stood the test of time. The crowd immediately erupted into cheers and singing along, reminding everyone of the lasting impact of Collective Soul’s music. The familiar opening chords were a fantastic choice to start the night, building a tangible connection with the audience right from the get-go.

As the concert progressed, it was clear the band’s energy was far from fading. “December” and “The World I Know” were standout performances, where frontman Ed Roland’s vocals shone, imbued with the same raw emotion that helped these songs become anthems of their time.

Newer songs from their latest album were also well-received. The band seems to have struck a balance between maintaining their signature sound while also incorporating fresh elements. It was clear these new tracks have found a home with their long-time fans and newcomers alike.

The highlight of the night was a thrilling rendition of “Heavy.” The band’s performance was electrifying, with the crowd lost in a frenzy of nostalgic euphoria. The outstanding guitar work from Jesse Triplett, the tight rhythm section of Johnny Rabb on drums and Will Turpin on bass, coupled with Ed Roland’s distinctive voice, reaffirmed Collective Soul’s status as true rock icons.

The rapport between the band members was heartwarming. The camaraderie was evident, hinting at the decades of friendship and collaboration these musicians have shared.

The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, with its rich history and intimate setting, served as the perfect backdrop for this trip down memory lane with one of the greatest live bands to see. The venue’s acoustics were excellent, making the band’s harmonic melodies hit home with added depth to this almost sold-out show.

Collective Soul’s performance was a celebration of their musical journey, showcasing their enduring appeal. Their concert served as a potent reminder that true musicianship coupled with authentic storytelling can create timeless music that transcends generations.

For those lucky enough to have attended this show, it was an evening filled with emotion, nostalgia, and, most importantly, incredible music. A testament to Collective Soul’s status as true stalwarts of rock.