Theory of a Deadman at The House of Blues – Boston

Photos and Review by Kate Drexel

Theory of a Deadman Photos HERE


The excited chatter from the crowd bounced off the walls of the House of Blues and soon died down as the overhead lights dimmed, hinting it was time for the very first opening band hailing from Minneapolis, MN, 3 Pill Morning, to take the stage. They started their set with a brand new song from their unnamed upcoming record, due to be released in 2015. Following were their songs from their latest album Black Tie Love Affair, “Nothings Real,” “I Want That For You,” and “Take Control,” during which frontman, Jeff Stebbins, had the crowd wave their arms from side to side. They then finished their set with “Rain,” “Loser,” and “Skin,” leaving the crowd eager for more. Now it was time for Fozzy to rock the crowd.

Fozzy’s booming intro music echoed throughout the venue and one by one, each band member emerged from the darkness. The last to arrive, Chris Jericho, wore a lit up jacket as he performed the first song on the set, the heavy fast paced title track from their latest album, Do You Wanna Start a War, along with one of their hit singles, “Sandpaper,” “God Pounds His Nails,” “Sins and Bones,” “One Crazed Anarchist,” and a killer metal cover of ABBA’s hit, “S.O.S.” The crowd was chanting Jericho’s name and the band’s name as well, feeding off the energy Fozzy was releasing. They finished their set with their current very catchy track, “Lights Go Out,” “Enemy,” and “Bad Tattoo.” Fozzy truly pumped the crowd up and got them ready for the main headliner, Theory of a Deadman.

The crew began to set up the stage for Theory of a Deadman, as they pulled the dust covers of the large speakers with the words spray-painted “RUN! RUN! RUN!” on one and “SAVE URSELF” on the other. After eagerly waiting for quite sometime for the band to come out from the shadows, the lights finally dimmed down, and a foggy haze rolled across the stage. Individually, the members arrived and frontman, Tyler Connolly, walked up to the front of the stage with his white guitar then began to sing the harmonization of their opening song, “So Happy.” The crowd threw their horns up and mouthed along to the chorus of the song. Not a moment was wasted as they continued their set with “Lowlife,” “Bitch Came Back,” and the title track from their latest album, Savages. They slowed their set down a bit with one of their ballads, “All or Nothing,” and from their first self-titled album, “Nothing Could Come Between Us.” After they played “Hurricane,” they changed their set to an acoustic one, playing three back-to-back songs; a cover of a Stone Temple Pilot’s song, “Interstate Love Song,” then two of their originals, “Angel” and “No Surprise.”

After their brief acoustic set, they switched back to electric and continued with “Blow,” “Not Meant to Be,” and “Santa Monica.” Before continuing with their last few songs, Tyler switched his guitar to an intricately designed one, which ended up being used specifically for their next song, “Hate My Life.” In the middle of the song, he flipped the guitar over to reveal the words “FUCK YOU” on the back. After the song, they played the encore of the set; “Drown,” a partial cover of Guns N Roses’ “Paradise City,” and saving the best hit for last, “Bad Girlfriend.” The crowd roared with excitement, begging for more and the band threw out guitar picks and drumsticks to the eager outreached hands.

Overall, for a Tuesday night, all three bands knew how to bring the crowd to life. Be sure to check out each of the bands’ websites and Facebook Pages for future tour dates. These are shows you do not want to miss!

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