Shinedown’s “A Symptom Of Being Human” Breaks Into Top 40, Cementing Their Cross-Genre Appeal

In a remarkable feat for rock music, Shinedown’s latest single, “A Symptom Of Being Human,” has made a triumphant debut on the Top 40 chart, signaling the band’s successful crossover into mainstream pop. The song emerged as the second most added track of the week, trailing only behind Beyonce’s “Texas Hold ‘Em,” with prestigious stations like Z100 and SiriusXM Hits 1 leading the charge in its radio embrace.

This new milestone is part of the band’s continued success with their seventh studio album, “Planet Zero,” released through Atlantic Records. “A Symptom Of Being Human” not only secured its spot as the fourth #1 Active Rock single from the album but also extended Shinedown’s lead with a record-breaking 21 No. 1 songs on the Mediabase Active Rock Chart. Furthermore, the track’s prominence in the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay chart with 19 No. 1s underscores the band’s unparalleled influence in the rock genre.

Apart from its rock success, the song has also made impressive inroads into the Alternative Radio scene, placing within the Top 10 and highlighting its wide-reaching appeal across different music formats. Shinedown’s ability to transcend genre boundaries is evident in the diverse versions of “A Symptom Of Being Human” available, including live, pop remix, acoustic, and piano versions, collectively amassing tens of millions of streams.

The band’s frontman, Brent Smith, in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, reflected on the significance of the song and Shinedown’s broader mission to address themes of mental health and human connection throughout their career. This aligns with the band’s philosophy that music is a universal language, capable of breaking free from genre constraints to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Shinedown’s journey from rock stalwarts to cross-genre influencers is a testament to their enduring appeal and the universal resonance of their music. With over two decades in the industry, the band has amassed a staggering list of achievements, including 21 #1 Active Rock hits, 15 platinum and gold singles, and 10 million albums sold worldwide. Their impact extends beyond the charts, as they’ve become a cultural force recognized by major media outlets and celebrated for their contributions to music and discussions on important social issues.

“A Symptom Of Being Human” not only marks a significant point in Shinedown’s career but also highlights the band’s unique ability to craft songs that resonate across a broad spectrum of listeners, reinforcing the idea that music’s power lies in its ability to unite and inspire, regardless of genre.