Billy Morrison Rocks the Charts with New Single “Crack Cocaine” Featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Steve Stevens

Photo credit: @JaneStuartPhotos

In a striking blend of musical genius and rock and roll heart, Billy Morrison has released his latest single, “Crack Cocaine,” a powerful collaboration featuring the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and guitar virtuoso Steve Stevens. This track marks the second single from Morrison’s eagerly awaited solo album, The Morrison Project, which is set to hit the shelves and streaming platforms on April 19, 2024, under the banners of TLG|ZOID and Virgin Music Group.

The song “Crack Cocaine” showcases the exceptional guitar talents of Steve Stevens and is the product of a collaborative writing effort between Morrison, Osbourne, and Stevens themselves. Morrison, known for his rhythm guitar role alongside Billy Idol for over fifteen years, expressed his deep connection to the track: “Watching ‘Crack Cocaine’ get released to the world seems a little like giving birth! This song has held a special place in my heart since the day I wrote it with OZZY and STEVE. We have all nurtured and protected this track for a long while and I cannot thank TLG/ZOID enough for being the midwife! And now it’s out there in the world, running around, invading people’s sound systems and creating rock ‘n’ roll mischief. Perfect!

Steve Stevens shared a light-hearted anecdote about the song’s genesis, recounting a phone call from Morrison that led to the creative jam session in Stevens’ home studio. According to Stevens, what started as an informal gathering fueled by coffee and laughter has culminated in a track that Ozzy fans worldwide will cherish.

Accompanying the single’s release is a captivating music video that not only features Morrison, Osbourne, and Stevens but also stars Paris Jackson in a key role, adding a layer of visual intrigue to the song’s energetic vibe. Directed by Ivo Raza and shot across various locations in Los Angeles, the video also includes cameos from visual artist RISK and actor Jeff Hilliard, further elevating its star power.

The Morrison Project promises to be a diverse musical journey, with a lineup of guest artists that reads like a who’s who of rock and alternative music, including Billy Idol, DMC, Al Jourgensen, Steve Vai, Linda Perry, Tommy Clufetos, JOHN5, and others. The album not only highlights Morrison’s songwriting skills and creative vision but also serves as a testament to his ability to bring together an eclectic mix of talents to create something truly special.

In an innovative twist, TLG has also announced a partnership with dCommunity to launch a fan-centric and artist-focused community within the metaverse, utilizing blockchain technology. This move not only aims to enhance fan engagement but also positions *The Morrison Project* at the forefront of leveraging new technologies in music distribution and interaction.

For fans eager to get a glimpse of this project, the album is available for pre-save, ensuring that they won’t miss out on this groundbreaking release.