311 at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – Hampton, NH

Photos and Review by Sarah Smith
Show Photos HERE
My earliest memories of 311 always involved summer; windows rolled down, the sun shining on our faces. Our youth was at our prime. This music brought us together as a whole, as one.
So when I stepped into the Casino on a gorgeous Hampton July evening, I felt the sense of unity once again in the air. A mid week 311 show put the idea of going back to work the next day on hold. It was clear that no one cared about getting up for next morning, we all just wanted to live this night now. Forget how we will feel tomorrow.
Matisyahu took the stage first. A talented man with very few words for his audience. But Matis didn’t need to say much. Everyone who watched and listened to his vocals which carried across the room knew it was clear he was right where he wanted to be. And his warm energy really set the stage for an awaiting 311.
311 came out with arms open for their crowd, and everyone cheered their entry. The entire band gave it their all immediately and not once did things slow down. 311 has amazing stage energy that keeps going, no matter how drenched in sweat these guys got. Nick Hexum’s voice balanced perfectly with S.A’s. The best part was they played everything you came to hear, Down, Never Ending Summer, along with a super intense, hard to match, bass solo.
As soon as Amber came on, I began to feel that strong sense of unity as I did as a teenager when the windows were rolled down, music drowning out the city around us, sun setting. 311 still has that same way of bringing a huge group of strangers together and creating a great, friendly atmosphere where no one gets mad over spilled beer. This show is amazing, one not to miss. Especially mid summer, in a sea of smiling faces looking, like myself, to call on old memories.

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