The White Panda at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel – Providence, RI

Photos and Review by Bethany Anna Packer
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Combine Christmas break, a venue full of Providence’s rowdiest house music fans, and the mash-up DJ duo The White Panda and you have the perfect recipe for an insane party.
The Chicago-bred DJ duo The White Panda drew a huge crowd to Providence a few days after Christmas to bring madness and utter chaos to Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel.  The artists young following packed like sardines shoulder to shoulder on the floor as the stage was set up.
To my disappointment, the group’s current tour set up wasn’t the expected elaborate pod of light panels, but only a white panda banner propped before their turn tables.  However once the music started any thought of disappointment was blasted away by the pounding beat of bass.
The White Pandas seamlessly blended tracks from today’s most dance worthy albums as the crowd moved as a  single sea of bodies.  The mash-up artists wore their signature glowing masks as they bounced over their turntables effortlessly mixing a never ending montage of music, and every so often a curtain of smoke or confetti was blasted into the crowd that only added fuel to the already electric energy.
It was clear that the Panda’s blew their fans away and delivered exactly what was expected from them, a night of carefree, stress-relief and fun at this all-ages show.

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