All That Remains at the Wolf's Den – Uncasville, CT

Photos by Tom Bogus
Review by Debbie Steir
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Playing before a capacity crowd – and then some – All that Remains took command of the stage at the Wolf’s Den September 10, 2016, in Uncasville, CT.  If the Den had a roof and walls, ATR most certainly would have blown them out.
Opening with “Probably Won’t End Well“, from their seventh album “The Order of Things” (2015),  to closing with “Two Weeks”  track 2 off their fourth album “Overcome” (2008) their dedicated fan base sang, screamed, jumped, thumped, head banged and moshed tirelessly.
Throughout their 90 minute 21 song heavy hitting performance Phil Labonte’s (vocalist)  vocals were solid, strong and unwavering.  Oli Herbert  (guitarist)  was nothing short of perfection.  His performance was precise and effortless.  With his untraditional “traditional grip”, Jason Costa (drummer) beat his kit into submission.  Mike Martin (guitarist) and newest band member Aaron Patrick (Bury Your Dead, Lamb of God and Devildriver) each gave an energetic performance and were highly engaging with the entire crowd.  I have to say ATR was more than ready.  They came.  They saw. They conquered.
Set List:

  • Probably Won’t End Well
  • Stand Up
  • Victory Lap
  • No Knock
  • Six
  • Some of the People
  • For You
  • Forever in Your Hands
  • Asking too Much
  • Tremble
  • FWAM
  • This Darkened Heart
  • Last Time
  • Air that I Breathe
  • Hold On
  • Pernicious
  • Dead Wrong
  • Not Alone
  • What if I was Nothing
  • This Calling
  • Two Weeks

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