Alter Bridge and Skillet at the Worcester Palladium – Worcester, MA

Photos and Review by Jim LaValley
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Alter Bridge and Skillet brought their “Victorious Sky Tour” to the Worcester Palladium with special guests Dirty Honey for a night of new rock-n-roll.  The variety of music was such a treat for fans and they loved every minute of it.

LA’s Dirty Honey opened the show with their classic 70’s rock-n-roll with a twist sound.  When I say with a twist, I mean there are some cool grooves with funk, blues, and jazz mixed in.  Marc LaBelle’s vocals immediately jump out at you with his incredible range and with John Notto’s riffs, Justin Smolian on bass, and Corey Coverstone on drums. After hearing them it’s no wonder why their tune “When I’m Gone” hit #1 on charts all over the country.  I think their sound will fill a void that rock-n-roll fans have been looking for.

Up next was Skillet to support their new album Victorious, just released in August.  The band’s overall energy was contagious and transferred to the crowd.  John Cooper’s vocals and stage presence was stellar, even bringing out a suit with CO2 cannons attached to his arms during their new song “You Ain’t Ready.”  Skillet’s classic background vocals from drummer Jen Ledger bring a harmonic back and forth sound to their music.  Korey Cooper on guitar was fun to photograph as she jammed with tons of energy.

By the time Alter Bridge hit the stage to support their new album “Walk the Sky,” coming out October 18, 2019, the crowd was primed up for their anthem-like tunes.  They opened with “Wouldn’t You Rather” off their new album.   Myles Kennedy has a strong yet soothing tone throughout the setlist, which the fans absolutely loved.  Mark Tremonti not only jams on guitar but also joins in on both background and lead vocals during the show.  Scott Phillips on drums and Brian Marshall on bass provided solid rhythm all night, which sounded great.

The Victorious Sky Tour still has a few stops to make in the US, so check them out and consider getting these new albums for some great new rock-n-roll.

Alter Bridge


Dirty Honey

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