Band of Skulls at the Royale – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Sarah Smith
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Band of Skulls seemed like the perfect mid week band to see to rescue you from a tough day at work. Not too crazy, just the right amount of buzz to take the edge off. I always enjoyed their music, it was so unique and set created such an atmospheric setting.
The crowd in the Royale was easily no more than two hundred, a collection both of die hard Band of Skulls fans and definitely some newcomers. Nonetheless, the entire crowd responded well to the band’s entire performance as they opened with In Love By Default and moved smoothly into Light of the Morning followed by Hoochie Coochie.
As much as I enjoy Band of Skulls, there seems to always be that lull moment where they drift off and the crowd isn’t quite sure where they are taking off to. Some faded off right alongside them, taking their shift in mood well. This seemed to be the point where I hoped they would pick things back up, and eventually they did!
But again, I highly recommend Band of Skulls, no matter what mood you’re in. You can always be guaranteed to enjoy a band who remain as passionate as they are for so many years. They interact well with their crowd and always put all their joy into their presence.

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