Bastille at the Agganis Arena – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Bethany Anna Packer

Show photos HERE

From the moment Bastille took their uniquely cube shaped stage at the Agganis Arena in Boston for their opening song Send Them Off!’, lead singer Dan Smith had the packed venue eagerly eating out of the palm of his hand. Still reeling from the success of their second number one album Wild World, the band’s steady seat at the top of the charts doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

As the band performed a variety of tracks from their two studio albums it became clear how frontman Smith’s songwriting has progressed. At one point he stated to the audience jokingly “we play a lot of depressing shit, it may sound like fun but if you really listen our songs are pretty f*#@ing depressing”. However, not for a single second did the heavy lyrics, laced with catchy euphoric instrumentation get the crowd down as the energy in the arena buzzed like electricity.

The band was backed by large screens which broadcasted a number of eye catching graphics, bright stage lights and a curtain of smoke which resulted in dazzling visuals. Smith is personable and friendly and makes each and every person in the crowd feel like he is performing just for them. During the performance of “Flaws” Smith moved throughout the seats, climbing through multiple sections of the arena lit by a spotlight as eager fans excitedly snapped selfies with the frontman.

Drummer Chris Wood came out from behind his kit multiple times to gesture to the audience to keep the energy going, while keyboardist Kyle Simmons cracked jokes as Smith disappeared from the stage for a second time to perform on a small stage placed in the center of the arena floor. The crowd swarmed around his platform as Smith slammed his drum and sang to their song of “Of The Night” a mashup cover of “Rhythm of the Night” and “Rhythm is a Dancer” .

The show wrapped with a 3 song encore with a finale of one of the groups biggest hits “Pompeii” which had every single person in the arena singing along.

It is clear why Bastille has had the success they have had since their breakout in 2013. Because, not only do they produce incredible music… but they put on one hell of a show.

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