Bowling for Soup at the Vans Warped Tour – CT

Photos and review by: Jeff Palmucci
Show photos: HERE
The Vans Warped tour rolled into the Xfinity center last Thursday. The tour, sponsored by skateboard shoe manufacturer Vans, is having its 20th year anniversary. The festival included a total of 94 (!) bands of various genera packed into a single day.
Over the next couple of weeks we’ll release photos from various acts, but this particular article is all about one of my favorites: Bowling for Soup. My taste in music tends to be on the extreme side for an older guy. Most of the bands I listen to have deep disturbing lyrics and angry front men. Bowling for Soup is definitely not one of those. They can pass for both a comedy act and a great rock band. I guess I’d call them a kind of harder They Might be Giants.
I love bands that put humor into their lyrics and shows. The banter with the crowd during the set was hilarious. Lead singer Jaret Reddick was busting on the some of the festival clichés, at one point urging: When they yell “MAKE SOME NOISE!”, you go “BOO”. Hey, it’s noise! Later he observed, “hey you guys at the Warped Tour sure like being called motherf-ers”. If I was drinking milk it would have sprayed out my nose.
During the lead in to Stacey’s Mom, they shocked the clueless in the crowd[1] with the revelation that the song is actually a cover from Fountains of Wayne. But, after giving due credit, they proceeded, as they said to “rip it off again anyway”. Stacey’s mom has the distinct honor of being the 2nd most annoying song[2]for my high school age daughter when I play it while driving her to various teenage things. To be fair, I kind of understand why. Her mom is a total hottie.
It addition to it being the Warped Tour’s 20th Anniversary, it is also Bowling for Soup’s. The band was formed 20 years ago this year, and they’ve been very prolific during that time. With the new album Lunch Drunk Love they don’t show any sign of slowing down. It’s one of my favorites to date.
Let’s hope they’re still around after another 20 years, where instead of yelling MAKE SOME NOISE[3], they may be yelling GET OFF MY LAWN!

[1] Yes, me included.
[2] The first most annoying song is She Don’t Use Jelly by The Flaming Lips. “Dad, it doesn’t make any sense!” One of the responsibilities of being a dad is to harden your kids to all the annoying things that happen in life. So, being a good father, I play these songs quite often.
[3] BOO!!!

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