Buckcherry at The Jewel Night Club – NH

Photos and review by Jeff Palmucci
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Should I be concerned that my 13 year old daughter really likes a song about being wired on cocaine? I should explain. Whenever I have an upcoming shoot for a band, I typically play a ton of their music in the car. My daughter, who in 7th grade plays more sports than I ever did in my whole life, is typically the one being driven to whatever activity. Either because of natural good taste or from my persistent brainwashing she really enjoys my kind of music. Lit Up, by Buckcherry is one of her current favorites.

A couple of days ago, the whole family was driving in the car and she asked for my phone to put on a song. Lit Up came on, and my wife (keeper of all that is good and wholesome in our family) kind of sat there, not listening, until this one line came up: “Are you high love, are you fucking high?” When the word “fuck” came out of the stereo, she looked at me with the hairy eyeball, hit the off button, and said “this is not appropriate.” I thought it was hilarious that she completely ignored several choruses of “I love the cocaine.”

She would definitely not appreciate Buckcherry’s new EP, simply entitled: “Fuck.” As frontman Josh Todd said during the show last Thursday at the Jewel Night Club in Manchester: “The whole record is about the work fuck, and you can fuck yourself if you don’t like it.” Seriously, it is. The songs are: Somebody Fucked With Me, Say Fuck It, The Motherfucker, I Don’t Give a Fuck, It’s a Fucking Disaster, and Fist Fuck. The album is an ode to profanity. It’s Buckcherry’s own personal “fuck you” to traditional broadcast media, because there is no (fucking) way any of this stuff will be played on the radio.

The show at the Jewel last Thursday was awesome. The venue has been open for about a month. It’s small and intimate, about the size of the Middle East downstairs, but with a wider stage that makes for a roomier front row. Kudos to these guys for getting some pretty big bands (Buckcherry, Charm City Devils, and last week Puddle of Mudd) to play such an intimate venue. One interesting thing: there is an attached racquetball court. Evil Rob (another photographer) and I smacked the ball back and forth a couple of times while we were waiting back stage. Let me tell you, Rob may be a good photographer, but he sucks at racquetball.

Buckcherry put on a rocking, high energy show. They were able to pack the Jewel, even on a Thursday night. The show started with a bang when they launched right into Lit up, a crowd favorite that got eveyone moving quickly. The set list includes several songs of the new EP, including the awesome remake of Icona Pop’s I Love It, entitled Say Fuck It. Of course there was also a bunch of older stuff including some of my favorites, Crazy Bitch (no I don’t play that in the car) and Gluttony.

So am I concerned about my daughter liking a song about cocaine? Not really. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, and it’s just words. Words can’t really hurt you. Unless that word is “fuck.” Then my wife will clock you one.


Charm City Devils 

Set List

Lit Up
Broken Glass
All Night Long
Somebody Fucked With Me
Next to You
Tired of You
I Don’t Give a Fuck
Check Your Head
Crazy Bitch
Say Fuck It
Too Drunk

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