Caitlin Canty at Club Passim – MA

Caitlin Canty at Club Passim
Photos and Review By Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro
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Sunday night’s journey took me to a tiny little club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Club Passim is a “down under” artist’s venue offering a tiny stage, poor lighting from a photographer’s standpoint– well, anyone’s standpoint really– and elbow to elbow 4-top seating.  This was a new venue for me and while I loved the artsy atmosphere of up-and-comings taking to the stage, I was less than satisfied to find that I could barely move in the overcrowded space to get a decent shot of the songbirds upon the stage.  Note to self, leave the camera at home.  Lessons learned.
My assignment was as it always is.  Take photographs of the bands, listen well, enjoy all and write a little something about my experience.  While the space was physically limiting and altogether too hot temperature-wise, Caitlin Canty and her band of talented merry men were awesome!  With your auditory sense, conjure up a cross between Eva Cassidy, God rest her soul, and Colbie Caillat and there you’ll find Caitlin Canty.  With long brown locks and a smile like Julia Roberts, Miss Canty is the epitome of the girl next door.  Her warm and inviting personality is only surpassed by delicate vocals that soothe the soul.
In her newly released CD, Reckless Skyline, Canty performs a whole host of country’ish-folk-with-a-half-cup-of-blues type songs.  All were beautifully done.  All were worthy of replay and replay I will because I bought the new CD on my way out the door.  I suggest you do the same.
I’m told that Caitlin runs the circuit in New England and that she’ll be back at Club Passim in a few months.  It’s worth the trip but remember, leave your camera at home.

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