Review by: Greg Walkowiak
Photograpger: Greg Walkowiak
Video by Lawrence Rose of Stagnatevisionfilms
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Meet The Band:
Ryan Hoke – Vocals
Jeremy Edge – Guitar, Vocal
Jamie Morral – Bass, Vocals
Brian Dugan – Drums
Candlelight Red just released their new cd “Reclamation” and it shows they are quite capable of being bigger than life. The foursome who hail from Williamsport PA., take it to the next level and it seems they’ll only climb higher. The band gives everything they have every time they walk out onto a stage and it is clearly evident. Preforming at Wally’s Pub in Hampton NH was and is no exception. They are edgy and border between the Hard Rock and Metal category, their lyrics are sharp and the songs are provocative. They have a sound that has substance which creates an intimate bond with their fans.
Starting off with the song “In Your Hands” they immediately make an impression. The tempting vocals of Ryan Hoke instantly draw you into the vicious chords and melodic tones that make up this song. His uncompromising vocals add to this incredibly talented group of individuals. He breathes life into every song they perform.
Jeremey Edge plays guitar furiously and with a vengeance, that was clear-cut the minute they started to play the track “Cutter” which is off the new cd. His style is unwavering and streamlined which coagulates and defines Candlelight Red’s sound. He attacks the guitar with a merciless savagery that leaves the crowd clamoring for more.
The bass work of Jamie Morral is a significant ingredient in the composition of this band. His style is all his own and he plays like he was destined for it. The thrashing, drubbing sound is a big additive that expresses what the band’s identity is throughout all their songs. His precision showed strongly in the songs “Broken Glass” and “Demons”
A monster on drums, Brian Dugan obliterates the stage and pummels every song into the ground. He is packed full of explosiveness that compliments his style and amends his part in Candlelight Red. His energy erupts the crowd into a state of rowdiness. “Feel the Same” and “Reflecting” did not lack in originality, he specializes in capturing your attention.
Everyone likes to go out and get their monies worth, so to speak; Candlelight Red pays out with authority. They perform at a peak that supersedes their own expectations and they deliver with more than impressive results. Each member gives a piece of themselves to the work they produce. Their path certainly looks promising, the style and sound they create will make an impact with more than positive results.



1. In Your Hands

2. Cutter

3. Disease

4. Feel The Same

5. Medicated

6. Closer

7. Broken Glass

8. Reflecting

9. Demons

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