Christine Ohlman, Rebel Montez, and Jon Butcher at 9 Wallis – Beverly, MA

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer
Show photos HERE

Christine Ohlman, “The Beehive Queen”, Rebel Montez, and Jon Butcher were at 9 Wallis in Beverly MA last week. The venue is very intimate and has great sound, allowing you to get up close to the artists. Christine and Jon are perfect performers for this type of venue, frequently engaging with the audience.

They played two sets of a mix of classic soul music originals by each of the artists. Christine sang some covers including Aretha Franklin and other classic soul songs, for which her voice is perfectly suited. Jon joined in with guitar and vocals, including solo work, which he played back and forth with Rebel Montez.

Christine and Jon have solo work out including one recently by Jon called 360 degrees. He performed some songs from it, including the title track, that of course had some great guitar playing. Although forced to sit due to a broken ankle, Jon still ripped out some Hendrix covers for which he is well known. Being too young to have seen Hendrix perform, I suspect that Jon Butcher is about as close as I will come to hearing that sound in person.

It was a night of good soul music with that additional treat of some Hendrix inspired guitar.

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