Daughtry and 3 Doors Down Play The DCU Center

 More Show Photos: Daughtry  and  3 Doors Down
Venue: DCU Center
Photographer: Jeff Palmucci
Review By: Jeff Palmucci
Daughtry and 3 Doors Down played the DCU center last Monday, postponed from last Friday because of the blizzard. They drew a sizable crowd, given that the show was moved from a weekend night to the first work day following Nemo. In fact, the Worcester area and was impacted significantly and thousands of New Englanders were still in the dark. Still, the show went on and the turnout was impressive. 3 Doors Down and Daughtry are co-headlining this tour, and Monday night Daughtry went on after openers Aranda.
Chris Daughtry, first gaining fame in the 2006 season of American Idol, is definitely a favorite with the ladies. I’d guess that girls outnumbered guys in the audience about 3 to 1, and there were more than a few “we love you”s coming from the audience during the set. 3 Doors Down lead singer Brad Arnold also got his share of admirers. Unfortunately, a lot of shout outs were from this guy sitting a couple of seats down from me: “We f-ing love you man!” Sorry, Brad.
Both frontmen came out for a song with the other’s band, with Brad Arnold joining Daughtry on stage to perform a collaborative rendition of Phil Collin’s In the Air Tonight. 3 Doors Down kicked off their set with “Time of my Life”, the cover off their latest full studio album, released in 2011. In addition, they performed the 3 new singles introduced on their Greatest Hits album, released just three months ago. As a photographer, you notice the difference between a band that is burnt out by the road, and one that is still having a lot of fun. With their grueling schedule (they’re headed to Dubai after the DCU) you’d think these guys would be phoning it in, but they don’t, they just keep on trucking… It’s exciting to watch their dynamics come to life on stage, as you can see from the photos below.
Brad joined joined Greg Upchurch on the drums for an interesting drum duo during Citizen Soldier. One unexpected bit: the band opened up Better Life with a cover of Megadeth’s “Symphony of Destruction”. I’m a heavy metal freak, so gotta say I loved it.The encore started with Kryptonite (of course), with Chris Daughtry joining Brad on stage to lead the band. Chris was having a blast on the stage interacting with the band. During the show, Brad commented several times on the fun they were having together on the tour. Looks like it. They exited the stage with a powerful rendition of “When I’m Gone” while displaying a video backdrop of the stars and stripes. It was a touching tribute to the thousands of men and women in the military who are overseas… and their family members who must go on without them. It made quite an impression upon all of us attending Monday night.

Daughtry Set List:

Break the Spell

Feels Like Tonight

Otta My Head

Crawling Back to You

What I Want


Gone Too Soon

Tennessee Line

Over You

No Surprise

In the Air Tonight – Phil Collins

Every Time you Turn Around



It’s Not Over.

3 Doors Down Set List: 

Time of My Life

Not My Time

Duck and Run

Road I’m On

Away From the Sun

Let Me Go



There’s a Life

Landing in London

One Light

Here Without You

Citizen Soldier (drum segment)

(Megadeth intro) Better Life


When I’m Gone

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