Dorothy at the Paradise – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci

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Dorothy played the Paradise last Wednesday, the third time they’ve come to Boston. This is the second time I’ve photographed Dorothy here and the vibe at the Paradise is a ton of fun. Since it is such a small venue, you get right up close and personal with the bands. This time was no different.

Dorothy hosted openers Joyous Wolf and Classless Act. Unfortunately, didn’t get there in time for Classless Act, but I was able to see Joyous Wolf for the first time.

They put on an incredibly high energy show, with lead Nick Reese pulling off a bunch of acrobatic moves onstage. This is the first time I’ve seen them, and have started to listen to their stuff online. If you want to check them out, give a listen to the Fearless video.

Dorothy is currently one of my favorite rock singers out there. Her voice is just amazing. In the run up to the current album release, I’ve been listing to the singles that the band has been putting out. My favorite is What’s Coming to Me, but the interesting part is *why* it’s my favorite. The song is not super complex, in that the lyrics are mostly chorus. However, she can really belt it out in her bluesy rock way. That what makes the song great, and what’ll make it stick in your head.

I was at a poker table the other night and told the other players that I had this song stuck in my head. Someone asked me “well is it at least a good song?” My reply: “Yeah, it’s great!”

They put on a great show at the Paradise with a ton of favorite songs off their previous two albums. The new album Gifts From The Holy Ghost was released the next day, so if you see them now you  may get more of the new stuff. We got to hear Rest in Peace from the new album, but that was already released as a single.

The put on a great show, with Dororthy interacting a bunch with the crowd, and in a venure as small as the Paradise, that was a pretty big proportion of the people there. They aren’t shy interacting with their fans, so go check them out when they come around to your town.

So I listened to What’s Coming to Me in the video link above and now it’s in my head again. At least it’s a great song!


Joyous Wolf