Flyleaf and P.O.D. co-headlined at the House of Blues – Boston

Review by Jeff Palmucci
Photos by Jeff Palmucci
Flyleaf photos HERE
P.O.D. photos HERE
Flyleaf and P.O.D. co-headlined at the House of Blues last Tuesday the 23rd. This is the second tour for Flyleaf since new lead singer Kristen May joined the band late last year. The tour kicked off on the heels of their recently released EP, Who We Are. The EP features one new single, Something Better, along with 4 live performances lead by May, but originally sung by previous lead singer Lacey Sturm.
After listening to the EP, and attending the show, I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy female lead hard rock bands like Flyleaf. May’s opening of Broken Wings came across as heartbreakingly sweet. The live performance was less stylized than the EP track, which worked well for me. Then she turns around and performs the shouty opening to I’m So Sick with enough feeling to make Slipknot smile.1 This emotional range is something that the best female leads can pull off. Lzzy Hale, of Halestorm has it. So does May.
POD lead singer Sonny Sandoval does supporting vocals on the new track, Something Better. He joined the band onstage for the live performance of course. Both POD and Flyleaf are sometimes labelled as Christian rock bands online. I’ve come to realize that this label doesn’t really mean a heck of a lot beyond the fact that the members are all Christian. Neither band’s lyrics are overly religious.
When May decided to go crowd surfing, the Boston audience effortlessly whizzed her around the floor. Unfortunately, when heavier bassist Pat Seals decided to go for a spin himself, the crowd seemed to have a tougher time with him. Come on Boston! Let’s get in a little better shape!
Lacey Sturm’s departure threw a bit of uncertainty into Flyleaf’s future. However, I think Kristen is doing a fine follow-up job. Something Better is a great track and I’m looking forward to more new Flyleaf music. Now I have to go hit the gym.

1 Not that you could notice if they were smiling.


Set list

  • Call You Out
  • Horizons
  • Again
  • Cassie
  • Perfect
  • Something Better
  • Great Love
  • Fully Alive
  • Fire Fire
  • Swept Away
  • Thread
  • Well of Lies
  • I’m Sorry
  • Sorrow
  • Broken Wings
  • Stand
  • All Around
  • I’m So Sick

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