George Thorogood at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Photos by Sarah Smith
Show photos HERE
For the first time in my years of attending concerts, I was finally able to enjoy myself a beer to some I Drink Alone. George Thorogood took the Hampton Beach Casino’s stage with smug grin across his face. Fans stood up from their chairs and Thorogood made his way across stage, pointing at his guests and taking his time picking up a guitar. His smile never faded as they began to start their evening’s set. The crowd remained standing as the band made their way into Rock Party, and mid way through the song Thorogood walked the stage for some long guitar solos to keep his crowd excited and cheering for more. Everyone sang along with their beers high in the air as the band transitioned into Who Do You Love.
Thorogood’s presence was friendly up on stage. He enjoyed his audience so very much, as he exclaimed how much harder he partied when he found out he would be visiting the Hampton Beach Casino. …And a party it certainly was. “If anyone is going to get arrested for Rock and Roll tonight, it might as well be MEEEEE.” As he slurred out to the crowd and moved right into I Drink Alone. Which had me moving my hips as I was enjoying myself, in fact, drinking alone.
If you go to a George Thorogood concert, expect an upbeat classic Blues Rock rockstar who stretches all of his songs by minutes with extremely passionate guitar solos. It is truly exciting, and it really does not matter how many George Thorogood and the Destroyers play annually, it is clear these guys show the same excitement and enthusiasm on every stage, every night.

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