Girls Girls Girls at the Bowery Ballroom – NY

Photos and review by Ilya Mirman
Show Photos HERE
This past weekend, I saw the world’s greatest Motley Crue tribute band.  How do I know it’s the world’s greatest?  Because they sound better than Crue!  (And are easier on the eyes.)
Now, before you accuse me of blasphemy, please know this: I’m a huge and long-time Crue fan, ever since first hearing them in Los Angeles in 1987.  I’ve seen them multiple times, covered their concerts, read The Dirt in one sitting, own their entire catalog (and enthusiastically high-fived Nikki Sixx on a plane).  But the NYC-based Girls Girls Girls – the world’s first and arguably greatest all-girl tribute to Motley Crue – is in a league of their own.
The band hails from New York City and has taken the world by storm since their breakout performance at a New Jersey strip club in 2007. The band consists of four dynamic women whose energies explode when hitting the stage.
Blonde heartthrob and frontwoman Vixen Neil charmed and captivated the audience with her fierce vocals, wisecracks and outrageous stage antics. Mercedes Mars, an accomplished musician from years on the NYC metal and punk scene, commanded lead solos with ease and finesse. Tiny powerhouse Tawny Lee provided the hard and steady backbone on drums, while occasionally tickling the ivories on songs like Home Sweet Home. And Lucky Sixx put the bad-ass in bass while stealing your heart.
By the time Girls Girls Girls took the stage, the crowd was already going nuts.  The evening was off to a great start: first with the Discosticks –  four dudes from Brooklyn who pay homage to female musicians with balls to the wall, rocked up, high energy renditions of female-fronted pop songs – covering Madonna, Lady Gaga, and others; and then an absolutely killer set by Guns N’ Hoses, an all-girl tribute band to Guns N’ Roses.  This was “debut album” night at the Bowery – where Guns N’ Hoses and Girls Girls Girls treated us to GNR’s Appetite For Destruction, and Crue’s Too Fast For Love, respectively.
As fans of hard rock and hair metal, we were in heaven.  Just imagine – killer bands, killer songs, killer women.  Furthermore, the ladies went beyond the debut album, covering all eras of Motley Crue while embodying the same decadence and spirit of rock that the world’s most notorious rock band made famous.  And as a special treat, Nikita Seis – the band’s founder, manager, and former bass player – joined in on Crue’s 1987 hit, “Girls Girls Girls.”
Something that makes Girls Girls Girls an amazing show is that it’s far from simply a novelty act; these girls are not working hard to mimic the Crue.  Rather, they are great musicians and performers, spectacularly performing beloved songs, with their own take on each.  So while you should expect all the same dirty, old-school rock’n’roll fire and excitement of the live Crue, know that it will be amped up with even more hairspray, and even higher heels.
We did a fun-but-brief interview backstage, and will post a video of that soon.  In the meantime, don’t miss the party when Girls Girls Girls blast through your town!!

 Show Photos

Catching Up Back Stage

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