Green Day Plays The Dunkin Donuts Center in RI

 Green Day Plays The Dunkin Donuts Center in RI

Photographer: Jeff Palmucci
Review By: Jeff Palmucci
More Show Photos: HERE
Venue: Dunkin Donuts Center
Green Day is back. Last Tuesday’s show at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence was rescheduled from January after Billy Joe Armstrong’s meltdown at the iHeartMusic festival and subsequent trip to rehab. You certainly can’t tell from his performance that he was just back from forced vacation. He gave an enthusiastic performance including a fair amount of playful interaction with the audience. Two kids were invited up on the stage with the band. A young, I’d say 10 year old, was invited at the beginning of the show. The second, and possibly luckiest teen in the world, came up and sang the last chorus to Longview and was forced by Armstrong to leave the stage via a stage dive. Check out the kid’s face in the photos at the bottom of the page. That… looks.. f-ing.. fun.
Think about that for a second. This kid knew by heart the last verse of a song that came out in 1994. Green Day’s appeal is multi-generational and the crowd reflected that last week. Old guys like me were mixed in with those probably still in diapers when the band first broke out. The result was an electrified and exuberant crowd. The floor of the arena, set up as a standing general admission area, was packed tight and saw more than a few crowd surfers during the night.
The band themselves put on a highly charged frenetic show. Lots of running around and wailing on guitars, which made the King for a Day performance kind of a letdown. The band (and drunk bunny) actually crashed on the stage for a couple of minutes. A bit of a buzz-kill.
Although the band just released 3 brand new albums, the set list included lots of old favorites. Whether you are an old fan or new, there is something for you here. Go see the show.


Set List

99 Revolutions

Know Your Enemy

Stay the Night

Stop When the Red Lights Flash

Stray Heart



Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Burn Out / Coming Clean / JAR

Geek Stink Breath

Welcome to Paradise

Christie Road

Going to Pasalaqua

When I Come Around


St. Jimmy

When I Come Around




King for a Day




American Idiot

Jesus of Suburbia

Brutal Love

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