Hinder and Saving Abel at Aura – Portland, ME

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer
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Hinder and Saving Abel combined for an evening of American Rock at Aura in Portland.

Saving Abel was the first of the two bands on stage and provided an energy charged performance lead by lead vocalist Scott Austin. Scott drew the crowd into the performance with a few background stories for the songs (see set list below) and with actual involvement in parts of the set. His interaction with the fans adds a second level to the experience and is a large part of what makes live shows so different from just listening to your favorite music at home or in the car. Scott Bartlett with his signature look provided the strong rhythm guitar, still another Scott, Scott Wilson provided all the bass lines and drummer Steven Pulley provided the foundation for what makes a rock band Rock. Lead guitar duties were filled by long time band member Jason Null. The fans were completely engaged throughout the set. This is a great band to see live!

Hinder completed the evening with their set (see song list below) including the title song from their latest album, “Halo“, released earlier this year. Similar to Saving Abel, Hinder pulled the fans into the performance with backstories and participation. All band members contributed heavily to the performance with solos and overall live performance skills.

This was a great combination and truly good evening of American Rock!

Set List- Saving Abel

  • New tattoo
  • Contagious
  • Miss America
  • The Sex is Good
  • You Make Me Sick
  • Mississippi Moonshine
  • 18 Days
  • Drowning (Face Down)
  • Addicted

Set List – Hinder

  • I Need Another Drink
  • Up All Night
  • Intoxicated
  • King of the Letdown
  • Use Me
  • What Ya Gonna Do
  • All American Nightmare
  • How Long
  • See You In Hell
  • Without You
  • Wasted Life
  • Halo
  • Better Than Me
  • Life as in the Fast Lane (Cover of the Eagles)
  • Lips of an Angel
  • Get Stoned

Saving Abel


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