Ice Nine Kills at the Palladium – Worcester, MA

Photos and Review by Jim LaValley
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Ice Nine Kills (INK) came home to Massachusetts at the Worcester Palladium to support their latest album “The Silver Scream”.  I knew it was going to be a fun night when I saw how long the line was to get in.  It wrapped around the building, down the street, around the back block, and then back to the main street a bit. Before seeing the size of the line, I didn’t expect the downstairs venue to be fully packed as I entered, but it was!!  The fans didn’t want to miss the opening band New Years’ Day followed by From Ashes to New, Ice Nine Kills, and then Falling in Reverse.  All great bands and they killed their performances in front of a SOLD-OUT fan-packed show.

Opening the night was New Year’s Day. They had a packed stage a half-hour after the doors opened, which is rare.  Ash Costello slayed her vocals and came out strong with her hair-whipping and red-and-black everything look as she worked the stage.

The energy could easily be felt from Nikki Misery and Frankie Sil pounding their guitars, shaking their heads, and interacting with the fans.  I loved them and so did the crowd!!  This tour is to support their new album “Unbreakable” and a highlight of the night was when they jammed their new hit “Shut Up” whose video is just out.

Next up was From Ashes to New who came out with another strong wave of energy with their rap/nu-metal sound.  The audience was in full crowd-surfing mode with multiple fans at a time cruising and enjoying the moment.  Matt Brandyberry came out rapping to start the show with “The Future” and then Danny Case came out to join him with his amazing vocals.  Matt Madiro on drums and Lance Dowdle on guitar were really tight and sounded great.  They went on to play their hits My Name, Crazy, and Through It All.  At this point of the night the bar was set pretty high. Both bands sounded great so far and kicked out incredible performances.

You could tell Ice Nine Kills was up next because the stage crew started putting props on a microphone stand (i.e., chainsaw, chopped hand, and a chopped foot) to help set the theme of horror on stage to support their latest Silver Scream album.

The band came out with their hit “The American Nightmare” with Spencer Charmas dressed up as Freddie Krueger.  It was fun photographing INK because the band really worked the stage and the audience with intense energy as the crowd-surfing continued.

The energy was intense as Spencer and Rick Armellino kicked out killer vocals.  INK jammed “A Grave Mistake”, which is a favorite of mine. They just released a live acoustic version recorded at SiriusXM.  The ended their awesome set with their other huge hit “IT is the End”.

Falling in Reverse came out to end the night and the crowd totally loved it.

All in all, it was one of the best shows. You could feel the energy all night long from every band, back to back to back. You should check these bands out next time they come by your town.

Falling in Reverse

Ice Nine Kills

From Ashes to New

New Year’s Day

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