Il Niño and Bobaflex at the Jewel Nightclub – Manchester, NH

Photos and Review by Sarah Smith
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The Jewel Night Club was tightly packed, the crowd clustering around the stage as they waited for Ill Niño and Bobaflex. Bobaflex is lead by brothers Shaun McCoy and Marty McCoy with Dave Tipple on guitar, Jymmy Toland on bass and Tommy Johnson on drums. Their set was short and only ran about thirty minutes, but the band wasted no time with their aggressive energy and overall intensity staying with them throughout their set.
Dave and Marty traded off lead vocals each song, which was really fascinating and the crowd reacted well. Shaun sang to the crowd, from side to side, black eyeliner, and long, full black hair. He needed little interaction with the crowd, his stage energy and body language said enough. They opened with Start a War and went on to play I’m Glad You’re Dead and Never Coming Back. They slowed things down beautifully and followed Disturbed’s lead at covering Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence. It is so beautiful and pure to listen to a bunch of hard rock tattooed guys covered in black leather slow things down and play such a beautiful piece. They went back to  intense sound one last time and closed with Bury Me With My Guns On and then wished the crowd a good night.
When Ill Niño took the stage everyone in the crowd cheered and clapped as they entered. The six member band greeted their guests with a warm welcome. This was about their thirteenth show on the ’15 Years of Revolution Tour.’ The tour began out west and is stretching across the east before making it back west towards the end of June.
Lead Vocalist Christian Macado was intriguing as his long (practically dragging across the floor) dreads flew back and forth across the stage, exchanging positions and getting some intense hair during guitar solos. They put down a hard presence as they threw down on the stage of the Jewel Night club. Ill Niño was a really interesting band to watch and discover. The lead guitar work was strong and Macado’s heart-felt voice stretched across the room. Their fans loved them and they clearly loved their fans right back. They performed Revolution in its entirety plus other fan favorites such as This is War and How Can I live. For someone like me, who is just becoming more familiar with the metal scene, Ill Nino is a must see group of musicians who put on an amazing show and just simply love their fans. Not only is it interesting to see a latin spin on metal, but its members are loving and passionate towards their fans which always makes for a good show to look back on.

Ill Niño


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