Jewel and JD and the Straight Shot at The Wilbur

Photos and Review by Michelle Morrissette Cucchiaro
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It was a night of music and good old fashioned story-telling at Boston’s historic Wilbur Theatre last Sunday night.  Located in the heart of the theatre district, this 100+ year old refurbished venue has table seating, a full bar and wonderful acoustics.  It’s the perfect place to see live music and comedy or listen to a story.
Opening for Jewel was JD and the Straight Shot, a folk and americana band based in New York City.  Frontman and lead singer James Dolan captivates, connects, and commands his audience from the get-go with entertaining stories and histories of each song the band plays.  It’s story-teller meets musician.  He’s funny and a pleasure to listen to.  The band consists of a couple of talented guitarists, a drummer, and upright bassist and a fiddle player.  The music ranged from foot-stomping and toe-tapping to tilt-your-head-back-and-listen kinds of tunes.  All beautifully done, all richly toned.  Awesome is the word.  Catch a show if you can, you’ll love them!
Jewel’s voice hit the stage before she did as her voice softly filtered thru the theatre with words that would tell the story of her life.  Much of the story was sad but it was told in such a way that you cheered her triumph over adversity, applauded her focus and determination.  Then she sang.  As expected, it was beautiful.  What wasn’t expected was her humor.  She’s funny!  If the music career doesn’t work out she could, quite honestly, make her way doing stand-up.  The night was filled with story-telling, great songs and an impromptu phone call mid-performance from her son.  If you’re a parent you get it—kids come first and her son definitely came first.  Jewel took the call right there on stage and then turned the phone to the crowd so he could say hello.  Absolutely charming!  Then she sang and again, it was perfect.
Great performances by both and a good time for the rest of us.


JD and the Straight Shot

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