L.A. GUNS The Rain Nightclub – MA

Photos by:  Greg Walkowiak
Review by: Greg Walkowiak
Show Photos HERE 

Phil Lewis — Vocals
Steve Riley — Drums
Michael Grant — Guitar
Scotty Griffin — Bass
What can be said of L.A. Guns? Their long journey has taken them around the globe with numerous changes. What hasn’t changed is their sound and unbelievable stage presence. Captivating the crowd at the Rain Nightclub in Malden MA., which by the way was an added show to their 2013 North American Tour, they definitely did not disappoint the fans. From their opener to the last song they struck with intense searing velocity and precise synchronicity.
Taking the stage looking somber while tuning his guitar was Phil Lewis; an intense and serious expression covered his face. Once he was tuned up he attacked the microphone like a rabid dog. Lewis opened up with “No Mercy” which led into one of their biggest hits to date with “Never Enough”, it sounded exactly how it does on cd, tape or vinyl. Other than maybe a minor glitch or two with the equipment, they proceeded to play from a sound and performance stand point, a flawless show. He establishes a oneness with the crowd immediately.
Scotty Griffin, bass player, has a naughty look to him. He likes giving the tongue while he masterfully plays and totally fits the meaning of mischievous. That is entwined with his rawness and raunchiness which culminates the group’s style and sound.
The drummer Steve Riley was as cool as ice while putting up an intense sweat; another words he looked calm and collected while beating the skins to a pulp. The force in which he played resonated through the crowd to where you could actually feel the tremors under your feet.
Guitarist Michael Grant is definitely not to be overlooked. He has claimed his own definitive place within the group. The expert guitar playing he produced combined with stage presence cements him as an incredible artist and performer. Owning his instrument and playing with turbulent conviction he sparked a fire under the crowd’s feet throughout the night.
There are singers and performers; L.A. Guns stakes their claim in both categories. They do not compromise their sound for the sake of showmanship.  Some are fortunate to have both; L.A. Guns is most undoubtedly one of them. Each member is an intricate piece that cements the bands solidarity when they perform.

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