Lake Street Dive at the State Theatre – Portland, ME

Photos and Review by Sarah Smith
Lake Street Dive photos HERE
The Suffers photos HERE
I walked into the State Theatre for yet another packed, sold out show. The house was full of diverse, colorful souls all laughing while sucking down cold beers. The night’s performance started with The Suffers originating from Houston, Texas. Kam Franklin, an inspiring singer with an incredible fro and a bright red sequent dress, interacted with the crowd in a bubbly manner, rocking a stunning attitude as she paraded around on stage and belted high notes. Her trio of trumpet players all tossed and moved in a perfect synchronized fashion. This jazzy, confident group had the crowd’s attention in no time and they made sure you knew it. Before their last song, Kam acknowledged the crowd one last time, making them all repeat the name “The Suffers!” and “Houston!”
The Suffers had large shoes to fill, but Lake Street Dive had no problem taking on the task. Made up of four band members led by the talented Rachael Price,  they created an atmosphere mixed with jazz and folk. I personally was not familiar with Lake Street Dive, but they had both my feet stomping on the ground in no time. Rachael Price is a true vision that shines, both visually and vocally. Her voice carried smoothly across the room as she pranced across the stage twirling her bright pink skirt. She was stunning, smiling at the crowd and sucking them in with her wit and charm. The Suffers even made a surprise appearance one last time. I love when that happens. It’s so interesting seeing these kinds of bands on tour together and I always wondered what their relationships are like. I get inspired when bands on tour can play together, blending their sounds to create a smooth harmony. I left the State Theatre inspired to approach more music of this genre. No matter where anyone stood in the venue that night, both these bands had successfully stolen everyone’s hearts.

Lake Street Dive

The Suffers

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