Machine Gun Kelly at the Mohegan Sun

Review by Skylar Gallo
Photos by Brian Gallo

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Fans filled the arena, many dressed in costumes, excited to spend their Halloween with Machine Gun Kelly on his last tour. This tour was dedicated to his most recent album, “Tickets To My Downfall” which highlighted his alternative roots. As he mentioned himself, the album won several fan determined awards. This really showed that night because everyone knew the words to every song.

The show was opened by “Carolesdaughter” and “Jxdn.” Similarly to MGK, Jaden Hossler isn’t afraid to get personal with songs like “Tell Me About Tomorrow” but can still keep the crowd’s energy alive with his other songs. This is why so many felt he was a great fit for this tour. MGK even brought him on the stage later in the night so they could perform JXDN’s “Wannabe” together.

The high energy and excitement had people singing to the pre-show playlist before he even got on stage. The crowd prepared for his performance jamming along to “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance.

He starts the show off with debatably the most important song of an album- the “title track”. Why walk on stage when he can rise out of a pink pill bottle? His set was decked out with several cool props, including a large skull he stood on later in the night.

He’s known for not holding back when it comes to connecting with his fans. He climbed in the crowd on multiple occasions to sing with fans from several different sections. He even went so far as climbing up to the balcony on some shows he played this year.

He welcomed us to “Hotel Diablo,” and revisited his 2019 album with four back to back songs. The large skull he stood upon was brought from his tour from that album release. He even went all the way back to 2011 with “Wild Boy,” to which fans still knew every word.

Over quarantine, many artists found it difficult to stay in touch with fans. His way of connecting was releasing many covers through social media with his own spin on them. He inspired his musically creative fans so much that some even responded with their own takes. Before the tour started, he tweeted asking what fans wanted to hear and these were most requested. He brought three of them to the setlist- “Smoke & Drive,” “What’s Poppin’,” and “Pretty Toxic Revolver.”

He slowed it down a notch to connect with his fans with more heartfelt tracks. Before beginning “Lonely,” he paid tribute to his father by playing a video of one of the last moments they shared before he passed away. Several fans were in tears singing along to this one. The honesty in his lyrics is what drives these fans so close to him as an artist.

He closed the show with fan favorite “Bloody Valentine,” smashing his pink guitar into pieces on the stage. He took time to take photos with his crew and the fans before leaving the stage. What stood out the most was the connection he has with his supporters, and the smiles everyone wore as the confetti rained down. He mentioned, he will be releasing a new album titled “Born with Horns” and I can’t wait to be apart of this crowd again next tour.

Machine Gun Kelly