Theory and 10 Years at the Palladium – Worcester, MA

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci

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So I’m taking out the garbage one day and my neighbor comes up to me and says “You ever hear of these guys?” with “Bad Girlfriend” playing out of his phone. “Yes” I said, “of course. They’re playing the Palladium in a month.” So we made plans to go. He was pretty psyched, and whenever I saw him in the days up to the show he’d have Theory blasting. Well, last weekend was the show and we had a great time.

Eva Under Fire was up first. Unfortunately, I screwed up and read the 7:00 starting time as “doors open” and expected the show to start at 8. Missed the first three songs by a hair, so I didn’t get any photos. This is the first time I heard these guys and they were good. They’ve come out with a string of singles recently and played a bunch during the show. Give Comatose a listen. It rocks pretty hard, but lead Eva Marie’s clean vocals give them a great sound. Shades of Halestorm.

10 Years was up next. They played a couple of tracks off there newest 2020 release, but concentrated on older stuff. Give The Shift a listen if you haven’t heard the new album yet. It’s getting some traction on Spotify. Although I wouldn’t call it particularly hard, it leans that way more so than a lot of their other work and I like it a lot.

Finally it was time for Theory. They played 2 tracks off their most recent release, 2020’s Say Nothing. Not surprising given their incredibly deep library. However, one of these included their most recent hit, History of Violence. It’s a tragic story of domestic abuse, and one of my favorite new Theory songs. First time I heard it, it made me tear up. Not many Theory tracks could do that. They tend towards the, let’s say, less sensitive end of the rock spectrum.

This was only my second concert of 2021. I guess I’m still recovering for pandemic paranoia. It was great getting out with my friend and seeing him so psyched for a band. I’ve gotta get out more.


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