Marianas Trench and Mainland at the House of Blues – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Bethany Anna Packer
Mainland Photos HERE
Marianas Trench Photos HERE
Last Tuesday night I arrived at the House of Blues in Boston to the line around the block for the night’s headliner Marianas Trench.  The power house Canadian rock band fronted by Josh Ramsay and his chiseled abs has been known to pull decent crowd of their loyal followers.
Marianas Trench was expected to deliver a knock your socks of performance (and that they did), however the surprise of the evening was less known opener alternative rock band Mainland.
Mainland took the stage and quickly won over the crowd with their mellow mix of electric guitar, procession, synths and bass peppered with heavier guitar solos.  The New York City based group consists of members from across the state of California resulting in a harmonious mix of garage rock vibes with the newer influence of the Big Apple’s edge.
Mainland had the crowed on their feet and primed for more before Marianas Trench exploded onto the stage with an unrivaled amount of energy.
A shirtless Josh Ramsay donned a top hat, jacket and scarf which he would quickly shed throughout the first song leaving him in
only leather pants for the remainder of the set channeling a modern Iggy Pop.  The bands production was among some of the best I have seen and between the group’s constant energy, lighting and the voraciousness of the fans the show was everything I expected it to be and more.

Marianas Trench


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