Messer at the Aura – Portland, ME

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer
Show photos HERE

Dallas Texas’ hard rockers Messer performed at Aura in Portland opening for Scott Stapp Saturday night. Messer, lead by frontman Dereak Messer, added to their fan base introducing about half the crowd to the songs from their self-titled album released last year. The other half was well aware of the music from this group and lead the support throughout the set.

With songs like Simple Man and Make This Life, Messer got the energy level in the room soaring. Dereak Messer provided the lead vocals with Maddox Messer on Bass, Donnie Deville and Javier Contreras on guitars and Kenn Youngar on drums. All members did their part on vocals and solos throughout the set. Dereak Messer was constantly on the move engaging the entire room, floors and balconies. A show filled with all the elements, music first but also, lights, smoke and wild drumming. This is definitely a band on the rise and one well worth checking out. They will continue to be on tour and you can check them out on YouTube to catch a glimpse of what they have to offer.

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