MUSHROOMHEAD at the Palladium – MA

Photos and Review by Greg Walkowiak
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Today’s main stream metal music scene is thriving and intense. It has numerous amounts of bands and followers, some even create a subculture of the genre on both ends. Many artists create an alter ego and even go as far as to protect their identity to enhance the mystique while also bringing into the equation the realm of theatrics within their creations allowing them to succeed with their attempt to raise the eyes of the masses.
This holds true for the band Mushroomhead. Their insane and powerful songs, highly creative masks which conceal their faces when they walk out on stage, only augments what is already an incredible creation of talented individuals. Their music is pounding and interactive on many levels. The way they work together and function is amazing in its own right. They incorporate everything they can into a show and pull it off with viciousness. Their attention to detail shows in everything they create.
The band walked into the Palladium in Worcester Ma where they came out on stage and instantly grabbed the attention of the audience. Their equipment and masks illuminated with bright brash colors of a “glow in the dark” nature. One knew this was going to be an outstanding show and the band had just added to it before they even started playing.
The band gets involved on so many levels with the stage and the audience, yet seemingly puts on a flawless performance. The colored water drums were spewing loud and proud if you are a fan of them. Waylon and Stitch of course got up close and personal with the fans, crowd surfing from Waylon and Orca riding from Stitch. Seems the band has as much fun as the crowd, if not more.
Let it be said that it is plainly obvious that Mushroomhead is a show stopper when it comes to performing. Mushroomhead gives an all-out assault of ingenious music while donning their imaginative and insanely eerie masks which allows you to enter into their individualism with respect to their own professional and personal creativity. Mushroomhead allows your brain to remember their shows, a long lasting memory you’ll never forget. A Mushroomhead show will stay in your head for years to come.


Meet The BAND:

J Mann: Vocals

Jeffrey Nothing : Vocals

Waylon : Vocals

Shmotz : Keyboards

Skinny : Drums

Stitch : Samples & Drums

Church : Guitar

Dr. F : Bass

Roberto Diablo : Drums

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