The Offspring at The House Of Blues Boston – MA

Photos and review by: Jeff Palmucci
Show photos: HERE
The Offspring topped off a night of punk-rocky goodness this Monday at the House of Blues in Boston for the Summer Nationals Tour. The tour is named after the original Summer Nationals festival thrown 20 years ago at the Hollywood Palladium. Three of the four bands Monday – Pennywise, Bad Religion, and the Offspring, played that festival 20 years ago. Like the shows back then, Monday night at the House of Blues was sold out.
Celebrating the 20 year reunion, the Offspring played Smash in it’s entirety along with a couple of extra favorites. The album has survived well, as evidenced by the wide range of ages in the crowd, many of them probably in diapers when the Smash first came out. It’s a real testament to the band’s appeal when they are able to attract new fans over such a long history.
I can see why. The Offspring always had a fast moving, adrenaline pumping style while not taking themselves too seriously, introducing a good dose of humor into their music. Who can forget the self-delusional idiot riding around in the convertible in the video for Pretty Fly For a White Guy? How about the poor sap who’s the subject of Self Esteem, which at times in my past, hit uncomfortably close to home. I’ve always loved bands like these, that can make you laugh as well as rock. If you do too, you should check out some music by The Vandals, the opening act on Monday that also falls squarely into this genre.
Monday’s crowd was pretty out of control. At the beginning of the show they spontaneously started shouting out the motherf-r lyric from Bad Habit, causing lead singer “Dexter” Holland to smile and say “Wait, we aren’t at that part yet”. There was plenty of crowd surfing which at times became unruly.  At the House of Blues they let photographers wait by the side stage to watch the show after the 3 songs we are allowed to shoot. We get a great view of the crowd surfers. During You’re Gonna Go Far Kid, I was shocked to see this girl limping off in a full leg cast and one remaining crutch. She seemed none the worse for wear, but holy crap, that took some guts.
The Summer National Tour is a great night of punk rock with 4 awesome bands, drawing a crowd that is ready to party. I recommend you go see it, but piece of advice: hold on to that second crutch.

Set List

Bad Habit
Gotta Get Away
Something to Believe In
Come Out and Play
It’ll Be a Long Time
Killboy Powerhead
What Happened to You
So Alone
Not the One
Self Esteem
All I Want
Head Around You
Get a Job
Go Far Kid
Pretty Fly for a White Guy
Kid’s Aren’t Alright

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