PLAIN WHITE T’s at The Blue Ocean Music Hall – MA

Review and Photos by: Greg Walkowiak
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Tom Higgenson
Dave Tirio
Mike Retondo
De’Mar Hamilton
Tim Lopez
The Plain White T’s had come into the Blue Ocean Music Hall and lit the place up, they are possibly one of the most innocuous bands on the scene right now, a sentiment which has gained them a ridiculously large fan base as well as an impressively large group of cynics. However, while people sing their praises or tag them as another “faux-emo” novelty, The Plain White T’s continue to play their acoustic guitars and sing their stereotypical love songs, seemingly oblivious to the contention amongst some listeners. Their brand of music captures a predominantly teen audience. Nonetheless, on this night it seemed there were an abundance of different age groups present. I have to say I was more than impressed with their performance.
The band opened with “American Nights” and proceeded to mix in some old favorites with some from their newest EP release “Should’ve Gone To Bed”.“The Giving Tree” is the title of the band’s new single which is on the EP and will be on the upcoming album due in 2014. The crowd seemed to get right into it, singing word for word with the band. Screeches and proposals from their adolescent audience made the members laugh and smile with amusement.
As the set went on with songs like, “Helium”, “Mystery”, “Take You There” and “Giving Tree” the band played with pure enthusiasm and energy. Their sound is contagious like a guilty pleasure; it was obvious they put a lot into their performance and their music.
Tom Higginson may not be a lyrical genius but he is a modern day song writer that through experience has made him capable of effectively transferring his thoughts and emotions to music.
Two of their well-known hits; “Delilah” and “1,2,3,4” ignited the crowd into a sing along which solidifies them as an interactive band. Whether you knew the lyrics or not you still found yourself tapping your feet and bobbing your head by the end of the song.
Final note to parents, if you’re asked to accompany your teen to one of their shows you may not want to acknowledge it, but you’ll enjoy yourself as well. The Plain White T’s give it their all and to a degree are a piece of “innocence lost” in today’s music. I strongly recommend you see them live; your opinion of them will change immediately whether you want to admit that out loud or not.


1. American Nights

2. Hate

3. Helium

4. Mystery

5. Dance Off

6. Take You There

7. Body Parts

8. You Belong

9. Giving Tree

10. Gone To Bed

11. 1, 2, 3, 4

12. Our Time Now

13. Delilah

14. Rhythm

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