The Pretty Reckless at the Paradise – Boston, MA

Photos an Review by Jeff Palmucci
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The Pretty Reckless played the Paradise last Tuesday in support of their new(ish) album Who You Selling For. I’ve got to say this third album marks quite an achievement. That’s three studio albums and I haven’t heard a song I didn’t like yet. Even my absolute favorite band of all time had a couple of stinkers.
I think part of the recipe that helps The Pretty Reckless keep the music fresh is the variety they are able to come up with. Although you can always tell a Pretty Reckless song when you hear it, they manage to mix it up from track to track, from the bluesy Take Me Down, to the country inspired Back to the River, to Hangman (where I swear they are channeling Ghost BC).
Anyways, I’m a crazy fan, and I was able to swing a photo pass to the show at the Paradise. The Paradise is an interesting place to photograph a show. There is no photo pit, so you have to go really early to the show in order to get close up to the stage to get some good shots. However, this was a make up show that was originally scheduled for last November, plus it was a Tuesday night. I figured if I just showed up on time for the opener, I’d get a good spot.
Nope. The place was packed when I walked in around 7:30. Maybe the openers, Them Evils, have a larger following than I gave them credit for. They certainly put on a good set. They’ve got a guitar heavy sound with a touch of southern rock mixed in.
So I was stuck shooting from the rafters. Turned out not to be a problem, Taylor Momsen makes any shot look good. Check out the photo section.
They put on a great show to a very enthusiastic crowd. The girl standing in front of me told me she has seen them six times. And remember, I was standing in the rafters.
One thing that struck me as different from the last time I wrote about The Pretty Reckless was that Taylor was much more engaging with the crowd, sharing some stories and bantering with the other band members. It’s good to see them having fun on the stage, even with the grueling concert schedule they follow.
The current tour continues through August after which they move on to Europe. Don’t miss them.

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