Reeve Carney at The Red Room – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Leslii Stevens

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Everyone has magic in them, but it’s only a very few chosen ones where it just seems to bubble up in such a way that it’s has to be shared with the world. Reeve Carney is just as magical as they come and I’m so glad that I was able to witness this wickedly talented soul.

Reeve Carney walks out to a dimly lit antique lamp lit stage dressed just like one should in a place called “The Red Room at Café 939”. Dressed in vintage black slacks, oh so cool pair of boots, and suspenders under a nicely tailored one of kind tweed vest that a fan had given him. She was in crowd tonight. Very touching story, she gave him that vest right off her back, literally, just because Reeve loved it so much.

Reeve sits down behind the keyboard to start his second show of his “Youth Is Wasted on the Young Tour”.  It’s been 3 years since his last live concert tour. “Happiness” is the opening song, setting the mood for the night. From there he picked up a guitar, playing the blusey “Father’s House” where you can feel his friend Jonny Lang’s guitar influences.  By the 3rd song “Intentions” he now has the Red Room captured by his pure magic. Intention, he says, “there is no greater drug.”

Reeve plays a full set filled with original songs, some old ones but mostly new ones that will be released this fall. He recorded the album in his New York City apartment, playing every single instrument himself. There was one cover by a close family friend of his: “Close” by Nick Jonas. What Reeve did to make it his own was a very special treat. “Amelie” is a song that he performs with his brother Zane Carney and their band, Carney. Tonight it was all Reeve and we were all about to see and hear some real magic.

He has a holder for a kazoo that he would expertly retrieve with his mouth while never missing a beat on his guitar. He did this many times during this song but at the very last verse is where some talent came into play. He somehow manages to play the kazoo, the guitar and sing all at the same time. Really. It was amazing to see and hear.  A must see to truly believe it is possible. Magic I tell ya.

“Checkmate” is a hauntingly beautiful song. You could feel the room on edge with every word. “Truth” had the room melting over every word and left you wanting more.  I have to say this is one of my favorite songs. “Testify” brings the rock star out to play.  You can totally feel his heartbeat in this song. He makes the guitar dance with soul and fire.  This dance of magic just pours out over the room and the drug is still going strong wrapping itself around every soul in the Red Room.  Reeve brings a raw soulful new sound to the stage moving from piano to guitar and kazoo throughout show leaving his magic for all to discover. “Up Above The Weather” closes the show and no one in the Red Room wants this to be the end.  The crowd is over the top in love with this very magical singer/songwriter.

Reeve is no stranger to the stage he originated the role of Peter Parker Spiderman in the record breaking Broadway musical “Spiderman Turn Off The Dark”. Going from superhero to reckless hedonist playing Dorian Grey in Showtime’s “Penny Dreadful.” His latest project just wrapping up, playing Riff Raff of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that will air on Fox TV this October.

Whether it is singing on a stage, playing guitar, acting on Broadway or on screen, if Reeve Carney is given a chance he delivers everything and leaves it all there for you see. He has magic that runs through his veins and I am so grateful he shares his gift with the world. There is no doubt in my mind that everything he touches will make a difference for the greater good. So yes, Reeve you have super powers and that is magic my friend. I will follow you into any room to watch you preform. Do yourself a favor buy a ticket and see this show.

Set List

  • Happiness
  • Father’s House
  • Intention
  • Girl Like Me
  • Close (Cover)
  • Amelie
  • Youth is Wasted
  • Checkmate
  • There She goes
  • Resurrection
  • Truth
  • Mad Madworld
  • Think of you
  • Testify
  • Up Above The weather

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