Robyn Hitchcock at the City Winery – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer

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If you were into early alternative rock or post punk you have probably listened to your fair share of Robyn Hitchcock. You’d also have fit in well with the crowd at City Winery in Boston on Sunday.

Hitchcock stopped there as part of his current tour playing a combination of songs from his days with the Egyptians, solo work, and more recently with Australian country singer Emma Swift.

She joined him for a few songs, including Virginia Woolf near the end of the show. The two harmonized very well and added a sound significantly different from the earlier part of the show. Then, Hitchcock performed alone primarily on acoustic guitar but with a smaller contribution on piano performing Madonna of the Wasps, Queen Elvis amongst others.

In addition to the music, Hitchcock has a very entertaining approach interjecting stories. He’d joke with the sound guy directing exactly what effects he wants for each piece. His sense of humor had the fans laughing between songs. The audience was very familiar with his music and often reacted with the first couple chords. A very skilled guitarist, Hitchcock’s lyrics are a huge part of his music’s appeal. His current tour is very well suited to the more intimate venues like City Winery where the audience is close and the artist can interact with them. A good experience for long time fans.