Seether at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – Hampton, NH

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci
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Seether played at their Rise Above Fest in Bangor at Darlings Waterfront Pavilion for it’s fourth year. The festival’s name is taken from the song “Rise Above This”, written as a message to his brother. His brother took his own life before he ever got a chance to hear it. That experience brought about the Rise Above Fest, whose proceeds go to SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, Rise Above Fest is now the largest suicide awareness fundraiser in the world.
However, this story is not about Rise Above Fest. Instead, it is about how our fearless leader, Micah Gummel, freakin’ bogarts the Seether show each year. Sure, I get it. He’s friends with the band and loves their music. I do too. However, this year, he was at Rise Above the weekend before the Casino show. So, when I made my traditional doomed request to shoot Seether, I was shocked that it went through!
I was late getting my pass to the show and missed the first band, maybe because those guys were all boozing it up in Bangor the night before? Can’t blame em’. Life of a rock star.
Killer at Large came up second. They’re a new band comprised of life long friends Adam Horr and Travis Burton, who’ve played on and off with guitarist Pete Williams, and hooked up with front man Dave Nebbia. They put on a pretty solid set and you can listen to some of their music from this very night on their website.
Next up was Seether. I was psyched, and the fans were too.
These guys have been around a lot longer. However, given the number of great songs they’ve crammed into the time since they formed in 2002, not that long at all. Take a look at the set list below. It spans their entire career. They didn’t even have time to put in all of (what I consider) to be the great tunes of their most recent Isolate and Medicate. Fortunately for you, you can see the hilarious video to one of the tracks that I was missing (Same Damn Life) online.
At one point, someone tossed a giant inflatable penis up on stage, with a phone number and a message: “Send dick pics please!” Lead Shaun Morgan strapped it to his mic stand for a few songs.
Great night of music. Highly recommended.
Seether Set List

  • Gasoline
  • Needles
  • Rise Above This
  • Breakdown
  • Driven Under
  • Fine Again
  • Broken
  • No Jesus Christ
  • Country Song
  • Nobody Praying for Me
  • Save Today
  • Words as Weapons
  • Fake It
  • Remedy


Killer at Large

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