Seether and Papa Roach Rock the House of Blues – Boston

Photos and Review by Micah Gummel
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Seether formed in 1999 in South Africa, taking their band name from a song by the band, Veruca Salt, and modeling their sound largely off of the early ’90s grunge bands. Seether  got a lot of attention worldwide as soon as they started releasing albums, and they’ve kept ’em coming in the meantime. “Isolate and Medicate” is the band’s sixth full-length studio release.
I have worked with Seether numerous times each and every time the descriptors that come to mind are: pure, rocket-fueled adrenalin, mind-blowing performance. No really they are that good the guys are a solid team and love what they do as well as the fans. This Boston House of Blues show was yet another stand-out Seether performance.
Seether has the staying power that continues to keep fans engaged. The songs from Seether hit every rocker’s emotional home, bringing them out to the forefront, dealing with life and each other head on.
“Gasoline” meant business with precision timing and fantastic musicianship. A killer song of the Disclaimer (released in 2002) Dale Stewart commands the bass on this track, which was inspired by Humphrey’s drumbeats. It is the heart of the straight line that gets you in the gut as you hear it and to see it live, you can actually “feel” the song. Shaun’s screams rage through your head, but then come down to steady rock octaves, which shows his wide vocal range on this song.
Watching Seether, as a band, you could understand they were one with their instruments, almost collapsing and blurring the boundaries of man, music machine and audience, as each member melded into the music. Cheers from the crowd erupted; this is what we came for! Wild sounds were exchanged back and forth from the stage to the crowd. All in all a great performance by Seether if you did not make this show be sure to catch them at Rise Above Fest in May at the Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor Maine more info HERE

 Closing out this show as Papa Roach. How do you describe a Papa Roach live show? raw, vulnerable, electrifying, energizing.
At this point in their career that’s lasted well over a decade, Papa Roach has a treasure trove of hits and fan favorites to choose from, a number of which made the set at the Boston House Of Blues Show “Getting Away With Murder”, “Scars”, “Forever”, “Between Angels and Insects”, “Lifeline” and “To Be Loved” all made the cut. Perhaps the highlights of the set came from the newer material off “The Connection“, especially “Where Did The Angels Go”, one of the heaviest Papa Roach songs to date. The band was clearly excited to play for the crowd, jumping around and head banging to tunes like “Give Me Back My Life” and “Silence Is The Enemy”, which were tailor-made for live shows full of fans ready to rock out like the ones that filled the nearly sold out HOB show on this night. During “Before I Die”, Shaddix made his way down the front row to sing the end of the song, giving fans an up close and personal moment with the singer.
The metalhead crowd moshed their way through the entire set, strangely even during the slow verses of “Forever”, finally helping Papa Roach finish up the set with a house-singalong to “Last Resort.” As witnessed seeing the crowd showing there love for this band they delivered an epic show.


Papa Roach

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