Static X at Wally’s Pub, Hampton Beach, NH

Photos and Review by Michael Cox
Show photos HERE

I walk to Wally’s not knowing what to expect, having never seeing any of these bands play. The line of fans wound around the block. People were waiting for hours to see this killer sold out show and to pay tribute to Wayne Static.

Along with Static X playing songs from their Wisconsin Death Trip Album, there were a great line up of bands also paying tribute to Wayne Static: Dope, Wednesday 13, and Devil Driver. Each band rocked the place with their on stage energy and fantastic music.

With horns held high and fans yelling “Static X! Static X!,” the original members hit the stage: Tony Campos, Ken Jay, and Kaichi Fukuda. Edsel Dope takes over as lead singer for the show. The minute he hits the notes on the first song Bled For Days the crowed gets lounder and starts singing along. The band doesn’t miss a beat, raising hell on stage with songs like “Destroy All,” “Start a War,” and “I’m With Stupid.” Edsel does Wayne proud with his voice and the theatrics he brings on stage, making this a true Metal Show.

As the show came to a end with “Push It,” the crowed went crazy jumping up and down enjoying themselves. They kept chanting “one more song, one more song.” I was amazed at a truly fantastic metal show. The bands and fans alike payed tribute to a great band and a great man. One show you don’t want to miss if it comes your way.

Set List

  1. Bled For Days
  2. Wisconsin Death Trip
  3. Fix
  4. Sweat of the Bud
  5. Love Dump
  6. I am
  7. Otsegolation
  8. The Trance Is The Motion
  9. Get to The Gone
  10. Black and White
  11. This Is Not
  12. Destroy All
  13. Start a War
  14. Behemoth
  15. Cold
  16. I’m With Stupid
  17. Push It

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