Steel Panther – Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH

Review by Dale Jr.
Photos by Micah Gummel and Ilya Mirman
Hampton Beach Casino ballroom photos HERE
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Steel Panther returned to the Ballroom for the second show after getting a great response last year that was well deserved. This time, a sold out Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom crowd got to “feel the steel” as the band is on tour to support their new album, “All You Can Eat”. This was my second time seeing the band and they would soon show that they were just as great the second time as they were the first. If you’ve never heard of the band that seems to be one of the site’s favorites, let me give you an idea. Picture an 80s hair metal version of Spinal Tap with really obscene lyrics, and you get Steel Panther, and much like Spinal Tap, its all an act, and a pretty funny one too, but also with absolutely great musicians. The band hit the stage with the opening track of their new album called “Pussywhipped” and you could tell that the crowd had quickly acclimated themselves with the month old album because you could hear people singing the lyrics. The band then followed up the new track with one from their “Balls Out!” album, “Tomorrow Night”. Afterwards, the band broke into their comedic shtick, and had the crowd laughing. The crowd ate up their comedy and the tunes as well. The band adapts and is able to go with the flow, as proven when a blow up doll made its way up on to the stage off and on during the performance. The band as a whole brings it all, funny lyrics and comedy as well as some absolutely outstanding metal. They are all great performers of their craft. I don’t know what more I can say about this band other than the fact that they bring the face melting metal each and every time, and it is the most fun show that I’ve ever been to. The guys can control a room as well; proven by the fact that the 2,200 strong sold out crowd were singing back all of the words of the first of the two encores, “Community Property”and they’ve also been named Loudwire Magazine Live Act of the Year twice. It’s a show that should not be missed. I even went up to Portland the next night to see the band. That’s how good of a show I think they put on. Also, the comedy is great, but it doesn’t work if they all aren’t great musicians, which they all are. So if you can take your metal with a side of humor, be sure to check out Steel Panther next time around. You certainly won’t regret it.

Hampton Beach Casio Ballroom

House of Blues  

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