Steven Tyler and Bret Michaels at LaconiaFest – Laconia, NH

Photos and Review by Sarah Smith
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Bike Week is the biggest week of the summer in the lakes region of New Hampshire. Bikers travel from all over the country as the small, intimate Weirs Beach prepares for its 250,000 expected bikers and guests. This is a good time, I love the chaos of Bike Week; you see so many different faces and it’s a great way to test the levels of your comfort zone around such a high volume loud bikers. But it is fun. I like the Mayhem it brings.
So Bike Week decided to go ahead and outdo itself for this first time ever, bringing along LaconiaFest to the lakes region. This festival, with a lineup of 80s and 90s hard rock, was to take place in the Weirs Beach drive in. I found myself there on Steven Tyler’s night and the following evening was Bret Michaels. The first night I waited for Steven Tyler to take stage, I looked around at all the crazed fans with gazes across their faces, all excited and anxious to be there. Tyler took the stage at Weirs Beach that evening with a smile stretched across his face as he stretched his arms out to his crowd in a warm manor. Time was certainly not wasted as he began singing along with the band. What a fascinating vision Tyler is; long colorful clothing with a wide variety of jewelry along with a stunning head of hair. Women’s screams drowned out Tyler as he carried on throughout the night, acknowledging his crowd in a flirtatious and friendly manor. He covered a lot of Aerosmith hits, such as Jaded, which kept everyone in the crowd happy and singing along until the last note of his set, when he kissed his audience goodbye and flashed them one last of shot of his classic grin.
The following evening seemed much quieter than the last; much less people gathering around the stage. Those who were hovered around the stage went crazy when Bret Michaels finally came out. He picked up his mic and shouted “Good evening Bike Week!” with excitement drawn across his tanned face. This man’s style will never change; there will always be Bret Michaels hair beneath the classic Bret Michaels bandana. Michaels played a lot of Poison hits, such as Nothin’ but a Goodtime and slowing things down to a more intimate setting as he sang Every Rose Has its Thorn. Michaels had great energy throughout his set on a beautiful summer night. He even noted that they were filming the show for troops across seas that weren’t able to join that evening. He was excited to be there and his happiness was contagious.
I am hoping for another LaconiaFest next year, as this one had gotten cut short due to unforeseen events. I truly believe this was a great step up for Bike Week and all of its fans.

Steven Tyler

Bret Michaels

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