Styx, Joan Jett, and Tesla at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Jeff Palmucci
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It was a night for reliving my youth last week at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion. Styx, Joan Jett, and Tesla put together a night of rock that I would have died for in my teenage years. I remember all the times my sister had to listen to Come Sail Away when I drove us to high school (sorry Heather), or the bit of a crush I had on Joan Jett.
I showed up at Blue Hills in time to catch Tesla. The venue was already pretty packed. People came out early to make sure they caught each band. Frontman Jeff Keith kept the crowd going, moving and dancing around the stage. He gave a nice shout out to guitarist Frank Hannon as his best friend in the world. They’ve been playing together since 1984!
Joan Jett was out next, starting with a bang playing a crowd favorite: Bad Reputation. I love this song, and it just happens to be the soundtrack to the single best action sequence in any movie ever. It starts around :30. You’re welcome.
Of course she played a ton of hits, including The Runaways Cherry Bomb and I Love Rock and Roll, for which the crowd absolutely went wild. Unfortunately she didn’t let any photographers in for her set. That’s too bad, she still looks great to me.
Styx finished off the night playing a set that drew heavily from their new studio album The Mission, the first in 14 years. 5 out of a total 17 songs where from the new album. That’s quite a bit considering the large library of hits they have to draw from. The Mission is a concept album telling the story of a mission to Mars in the year 2033. It’s been well-received, hitting #45 on the Billboard 200.
Of course in addition to the new stuff, they played a ton of the favorites. They included Come Sail Away, Lady, Blue Collar Man, Miss America, Renegade, and more.
Three great acts crammed into one night. Go out and see them. Take your parents too, you never call them.



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