Ted Nugent at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – Hampton, NH

Photos and Review by Colleen Goyer
Show photos HERE

Ted Nugent has not mellowed with age at all and the audience at Hampton Beach Casino could not have been happier about it. The venue was filled with fans that have been there for the entire ride as well as those who have joined much more recently, but all there were completely into Ted’s music.

Ted’s personality is as large as his talent on the guitar. With very few exceptions, totaling not more than about 10 minutes, he played continuously throughout his 2 hour long set, including the encore. He moved about the stage to play to each end of the stage, the middle and to interact with both of the other band members. Even during times when he shared stories about the songs, his life and things he feels strongly about, he would play in the background. Nugent is totally himself with no stage persona, just raw Ted Nugent. That seems to be as endearing to his fans as the music itself.

Joined by a bass player and drummer, Nugent played songs that covered his long career. Nugent played all the solos without another guitarist and never seemed to tire the slightest. As for the guitars themselves, he played a few select but classic instruments including one that was painted like the American flag to match the large flag background, his Signature Gibson, and “Blackie.”

Ted mentioned that he tours each summer and, based on this performance, I suspect will continue to for many to come. You still have a little time left to catch him this year and definitely watch for him next year. The show is definitely worth catching. Seeing him live is an experience that has so much more than just the music to offer, although the music is very much the main focus. You can tell how much Nugent enjoys playing and performing for his fans.

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