The Cult with Holy White Hounds at the Schubert Theatre – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Renee Deal
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As I entered the Schubert Theatre I felt like a kid walking into a candy store.  The anticipation of seeing one of the bands that was part of the soundtrack of my high school and college years was exhilarating.  I’m pretty sure the Cult’s “Fire Woman” kept me going through many an all-nighter working on projects and papers.  The Schubert Theatre is a gem in itself.  It’s old fashioned charm and intimate feel makes it a great place to see a concert.  I don’t think there is a bad seat in the house.
First to hit the stage was Holy White Hounds, an alternative-rock band from Iowa.  I’ve got to say I was impressed.  These four guys have got it.  Musically they are tight, and they are big on personality which makes watching them perform even more fun.  Holy White Hounds is comprised of Brenton Dean (vocals/guitar),  Ambrose Lupercal (bass), James Manson (guitar), and Seth Luloff (drums).  Be sure to check out the band’s debut album, Sparkle Sparkle.  Songs include “Blind”, “Switchblade“, and “Oh Mama”.
The Cult kicked off the first set of their Alive in the Hidden City tour with “Wild Flower”, with lead singer Ian Astbury belting out his sexy vocals while the band rocked the crowd, getting everyone out of their seats and onto their feet.  In fact, no one sat down all night.  Fans sang along and danced from the first song till the last.  The Cult proved that they are as much a powerhouse as they ever were, as they played many of their classic songs including, “Rain”, “Sweet Soul Sister”, “She Sells Sanctuary”, and “Fire Woman” which was definitely an audience favorite.  Many of the songs included long dramatic instrumental intros, giving the musicians a chance to really shine.
Towards the end of the night they played their new release, “GOAT“.  It’s a different sound for them, making it one of their more hard hitting in your face rock songs.  The audience loved it and the energy rose in the room, with more dancing and head banging to the music.
The Cult emerged as a new band in 1983.  Vocalist Ian Astbury and guitarist Billy Duffy have been in the band since then,  with other musicians joining the band over the years.  Astbury and Duffy have been rocking our world for over 30 years and based on their performance they show no signs of slowing down.  The Cult still has a few stops left on their Alive in the Hidden City tour.  Definitely catch them if you can.

The Cult

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