Wolf Alice at the Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA

Photos and Review by Eric Pennell
Show photos HERE
The Brighton Music Hall was host to Wolf Alice this Sunday, April 3rd.  The 4-piece from London took the stage at the sold out show; the audience surging, with literally no room to move except for the taped off perimeter walkways.  Ellie Rowsell (lead singer and guitarist), in a black dress and Doc Martins, made her way to center stage.  Joff Oddie (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joel Amey (drums, backing vocals) and Theo Ellis (bass, backing vocals) followed suit and quickly delved into the music.
Wolf Alice is the counter-punch to the current “indie rock” scene.  Their sound tilts the hat to noise pop bands like The Pixies and Sonic Youth and adds a polished, 90’s alternative patina in the vein of Smashing Pumpkins.  The songs are extremely well crafted, melody driven with punishing, elaborate guitar effects galore.  All the while Ellie’s vocals and guitar slither in and out of the raging storm, tying it all up into a perfect package.  Joff Odie’s guitar pedal board, about the size of a bedroom door (kidding, but not really) was stomped, tweaked, and rattled all night as he punched head crushing guitar through his amps.  Theo Ellis, who was recently benched due to an arm injury, was back and ripping up the rhythm section.  His energy and engagement with the crowd kept everyone glued to the stage.  Joel Amey annihilated his drum kit, literally.  He busted his snare during the second to last song.  Due to the small stage Joel was a bit crammed at the back of the stage, between two stacks of amps, but that didn’t contain him.  The song Swallowtail gave him a chance to show off his vocal skills as well.  The show was intense and Wolf Alice are the real deal; talent, attitude and showmanship.
If you missed them this time then don’t let it happen again, Boston.  Go see them at the Tsongas Arena in Lowell on May 18.

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