Yes at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom – NH

Photos and review by: Jeff Palmucci
Show photos: HERE
Yes played at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom last Wednesday. I went to the show with my friend Kris from high school. The last time we went to a Yes show together was in 1983 (!) for the 90125 tour. It was one of the first concerts that I ever went to, and turned me into a fan for life. I never would’ve pictured us doing the same thing over 30 years later.
As a photographer, I was a bit bummed out to hear that I’d only be able to shoot for the first 2 songs. Then I realized that this is Yes, whose songs are characterized by long intricate melodic jams. The opening number, Roundabout, is a golden oldie and a perfect example of this. When guitarist Steve Howe begins the song with its signature guitar riff, and bassist Chris Squire joins in with the rapid fire baseline, you realize just what talented musicians these guys are. All through the over 8 1/2 minutes of this song (according to Spotify) it remains fresh and interesting because it keeps changing. I pity the fool who had to write down the sheet music for this.
The set consisted of a large number of oldies, including the entire Fragile album, and a couple from Close to the Edge. New lead singer Jon Davidson did an admirable job replacing original lead Jon Anderson’s alto tenor style. He also lends to the distinctively Yes style of the new album Heaven and Earth, from which they also played a couple of tracks. Although I’ve only heard a small portion (the album is being released on 7/22), the new album seems to have a more trippy laid back feel than what I’m used to.
The encore began with I’ve Seen All Good People, a song that came out when I was 4 years old. It’s a tribute to the longevity of this band that I still started cheering my head off, along with everyone else in the audience, when they started to play it. Whether you want to relive your misspent youth, or just see this incredibly talented band play, I’d recommend you check out this show.

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