Taylor Swift RED Tour Hits Gillette Stadium – Massachusetts

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I quick bit about Taylor Swift born in the city of Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. At the age of ten, Taylor began writing songs and singing at karaoke contests, festivals, and fairs around her hometown.

After being discovered during a karaoke performance she began showing her talent in weeknight performances of country songs with karaoke backing tracks. She was the youngest-ever winner of Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

Fast forward to today on this Red tour stop 35 on Saturday, July 27at Gillette stadium. Supporting her latest multi-million selling album Red, so the color of crimson was in abundance on the platform, in the audience, and, naturally, on Swift.

Swift said, from the stage Saturday night, that some 55,000 people had piled into Gillett Stadium, making this stop on her nine-month “Red” tour a sell-out but not just any sellout Gillett was the first show to sell out and it sold out so fast that they set up a second show!

So the Show begins, Red lips pressed to a red-studded microphone held by red-painted fingers sang the opening verses of “State of Grace“ to kick off Taylor Swift’s Red Tour on Saturday night at Gillett stadium. Swift told the crowd of 55,000 that she sees red when she writes songs about what she calls the “crazy emotions,“ and fans of the 23-year-old singer-songwriter practically turned red from happiness and exhaustion by the time her near two-hour show came to a close.

Those at the concert couldn’t get enough of the blue-eyed, blonde-haired entertainer. Everyone was up and dancing by the second song, “Holy Ground.” When the tour-headlining single “Red“ came next, there was no turning back. The mania that Swift induced was in full force, and fans soaked up every second of it. Fans belted the lyrics and threw their arms to the sky during Billboard chart-topper “You Belong With Me.” “Mean“ allowed fans to vent their frustrations alongside Swift, who reminded them that those who cut you down do not have to have the final say.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the evening was when Carly Simon Took the stage with Taylor. Nobody writes a breakup song like Carly Simon and now Taylor Swift! The 68-year-old musical legend joined the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” crooner on stage at Boston’s Gillete Stadium on Saturday, July 27, to sing a duet of Simon’s 1972 classic, “You’re So Vain.”

Dramatic and emotional, the performance was an impressive display of Swift and her team talents. After seeing her live it’s a shame her ever-expanding songwriting skills aren’t given as much attention as her personal life. She has true talent and its shown as the actually sings, writes and plays numerous instruments.

Swift’s legions of fans don’t need to be convinced to buy tickets to this tour. But if you’re a casual fan who gets a big kick out of lavish productions, pop culture and one of the most capable backing bands on the road, then you should definitely be there when Swift paints your town Red.



Show Photos


Set list

State of Grace

Holy Ground

You Belong with Me


The Lucky One




Everything Has Changed

(with Ed Sheeran)

Begin Again

Sparks Fly

You’re So Vain

(with Carly Simon)

I Knew You Were Trouble

All Too Well

Love Story


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

20 Responses to "Taylor Swift RED Tour Hits Gillette Stadium – Massachusetts"

  1. I took my daughter to see her all-time favorite musician and she absolutely loved it! Even though it rained for quite a while on Friday at Gillette Stadium the performers went on with their shows. What a Time!!!

  2. Taylor Swift was outstanding! What a great show! Not only entertaining, but memorable too! Ed Sheeran was great – loved listening to him play guitar and truly enjoyed Joel Cruse too – wish he played longer, really liked him!!! Taylor Swift did a show that was spectacular – set design, costumes, etc was great! Taylor Swift singing was wonderful – she is so down to earth and such a lovely person inside and out. She really cares about her fans and you can tell she was having a good time too. This show was great and I would definitely go again!!!!!

  3. This is why Taylor’s the best. From the opening number to the end was a very impressive, well planned and soul stirring show. The lighting, spark showers, and fireworks over the stadium were all excellent!!!
    Best concert I’ve ever seen!! Thank you Taylor 🙂

  4. Taylor was amazing as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her performance was theatrical and I love the fireworks!!!!!!
    Her music moves me every time I hear it!!!!!
    Thank you for being you Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The concert was amazing. Whether you are a huge Taylor fan or not this show will get you off your seat and screaming at the top of your lungs. So amazing! Great opening acts, great performances, costumes. The fact that Taylor comes through the audience is so wonderful! I enjoyed every part of it- even the rain at the beginning didnt ruin what was a simply perfect night.

  6. I went with my two girls, ages 13 and 17, and we had the best time ever! Taylor is just wonderful – her music and her style are the best! She is a perfect role model for young girls – her mother should be so proud! This was our second Taylor Swift concert – and we will be back for more – rain and all! I have to say that I am as big a fan as my girls are!!

  7. Awesome show all in all. First back up was great the other two not but I’m an old guy bringing kids so what do I know. Not my type of show but Taylor Swift is impressive as a performer (2nd time we’ve seen her at Gillette).
    **We sat most of the time at a table in the concourse as my wife just had foot surgery. Security staff was accommodating coming by to make sure she was comfortable. I would complain that all of the TVs in the concourse were playing a country music theme that was way too loud and drowned out what was going on on stage. Either broadcast the concert like you would during a Pats game or shut them off.

  8. Taylor puts on an amazing show for her fans. If you weren’t already a fan, you became one at this show. She reaches out to the fans by walking through the crowd and going to the back of the stadium to perform a few songs for those whose seats were far from the stage. We saw her show two years ago when she performed her first stadium shows at Gillette and this tour was even better!

  9. This was an absolutely phenomenal concert. Taylor puts on an incredible show that captures your full attention for every second. Even when she’s not on stage (which is not for long), the audience was mesmerized by her band, dancers, and special features. Her singing was the same, if not better than on record. She’s certainly a one-of-a-kind performer. I have never seen anything like it and really hope that she does another amazing tour like this one.

  10. It was a very entertaining show. Several dress changes, but they were quick and the crowd was entertained between them with a slide show or visual effects. A bit disappointed that there was no encore, but o well! My 6yr old daughter really enjoyed the show and that is all the matters to me!
    I was very impressed by Ed Sheeran, he is extremely talented and I was pleasantly surprised by his performance!

  11. Awesome backdrops, story telling throughout, fireworks, opening spectacular, many dancers, very well thoughtout, and Taylor really new how to work the audience, very entertaining, and a beautiful lady. Great costumes. Opening artists acts were good, but not great.

  12. The show was a blast and WOW so many people at the stadium it was intense!

  13. Taylor never disappointing and I’m officially in love with Ed Sheeran.

  14. My daughter and I loved the Taylor Swift concert. She sings and dances beautifully and we really love her music. We loved the stage design too and what a great surprise to see Carly Simon! We’ve been singing “You’re so Vain” ever since as we really love that song! Taylor is so talented playing guitar, banjo, piano and singing. We loved her song with Ed Sheeran too! We look forward to her next album and concert!! Can’t wait until she comes back to Foxboro, MA!!!!!!

  15. Was amazing. Taylor is the nicest person on Earth. Her speech in the beginning was unforgettable. She commented on the marathon and cried. She is truly amazing. I don’t understand how someone can’t like her. Maybe they haven’t been to her show before or never met her? Yes. But that show was so much fun, so entertaining, I truly need to go again. I bet anyone any age would’ve loved the show.

  16. This was an absolutely outstanding concert! Taylor is an amazing performer, very in touch with her fans. The sound and video quality was TOP NOTCH! Had a fabulous time, even if I was one of the older fans in the stadium.

  17. One of Taylor Swift’s best tours thus far! From start to finish she engaged every part of the audience whether it through archive footage, her most popular hits, her signature style, collaborating with her friend Ed Sheeran, etc. Unforgettable night and a must see!

  18. T.Swift really knows how to put on a show… the girl has a flair for the dramatic, and she knows how to keep her fans happy.

  19. The Show was great! Taylor was very entertaining, great night with my daughter 🙂

  20. What a show thats all I can say…. O and you guys rock!

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